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Our Mission

For our customers and partners, we develop the creative tool smartPerform Pro for the creation and operation of customized, graphical user interfaces for digital, visual corporate communication as well as for innovation, meeting and collaboration applications.

Many years of experience of the founders and employees in the areas of research, software development and the AV/IT market are the basis for innovative and practical applications based on smartPerform. With the growing demands of digital transformation, our customers use smartPerform to stage brands, products or a special topic, break down technology hurdles and create space for creative workspaces.

Our Goals

Think from the user’s perspective – by focusing on the rapidly growing market of interactive communication solutions, we are responding to the great need for intuitive user interfaces for presentation and collaboration workspaces. We see further growth in our international partner network.

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Managing Director

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Nowadays, digital user interfaces and interaction designs are often far too complicated. One reason is thinking in traditional desktop or Web applications: hierarchical structure and linear navigation, countless file formats and scattered applications. We noticed this phenomenon when we began using computers. Today, as digital and analogue worlds penetrate more and more, we no longer think of file formats and folder structures. We focus on interaction logic and narration patterns and about spatial and performative intelligence. Overall, the problems have remained.
Our answer is smartPerform. We are intrigued by the new possibilities of communication and want to take a fresh look at market values and retail environments. We deal with the laws of teaching and seminar progressions and the productivity curves of meetings. And we consider the interaction and collaboration as central paradigms in the future knowledge transfer. However, we are not dreamers but instead follow scientific methods. The idea for smartPerform arose from the research by Prof. Dr. Jens Gerken, Prof. Dr. Werner König, Dr. Hans-Christian Jetter and other colleagues and fellows at the University of Konstanz.
These roots in research are still alive today. We closely monitor technologies and trends to develop the standards for innovative and practical applications. Our specialist partners as well as users in agencies or end users create precise interaction scenarios or use our standardized user interfaces for their purposes. smartPerform seamlessly integrates into any environment. Content, functions and choreography are integrated and controlled in a scalable fashion – in accordance with the target setting. And if targets change, it is easy to implement them with smartPerform.


A stable network guarantees expertise in every detail. We attend broad and intense partnerships with integrators, agencies, designers and planers. Get in touch with us, to learn more.

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