Today’s Feature Friday is about the databasket.
The cart has a number of options in smartPerform.
Customers, specifically visitors, can have individual data and information made available to them. Data which has been collected during a presentation, for example, can be sent directly via email or copied to a USB Stick.
The customer is therefore ensured all of the most relevant information for him right at his fingertips – the hauling around of thick product catalogs is thus eliminated.

The Databasket is found in the Configuration under the Plugins tab.
The following can set-up or defined:

  • Should the Databasket be emptied after export?
  • Drop-Zone aktivate/deaktivate
    • When activating the drop zone, an invisible area is created at a selected location, where files can be dragged to. All of this data ends up in the Databasket. The size, and the position of the drop zone can be set arbitrarily. The drop zone can also be assigned an individual thumbnail.

*Click above image to see .GIF
To pass this data on, there are several options available:

  1. Save to Disk
    The files are either stored in a predefined folder, or a folder can be selected when exporting.

  1. USB Auto Export
    As soon as a USB stick is inserted, smartPerform will ask if the contents of the Databasket should be exported (to the USB). Optionally, the folder can also be directly exported as a * .zip file.

  1. Email

The e-mails can be sent directly out from smartPerform – for this a separate e-mail program is not necessary.
Alternatively, the content of the basket can be given to and sent from an external E-Mail program.

  1. Lead Management

smartPerform sends information regarding the Databasket’s content, as well as and XML file directly to the potential recipient. Thus, the seller has the opportunity, in retrospect, to analyze the data giving the seller a clearer insight and understanding regarding a future offer.

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