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Make your Brand an Experience. Create Collaboration.
For our customers and partners, we, Immersion7 GmbH, develop and implement the creative tool smartPerform Pro for the creation and operation of individual, graphical user interfaces for your digital communication. With smartPerform applications you stage your brand, product or special topic and create space for a creative and networked approach to work. Combine innovative forms of presentation, collaboration and management in one single, uniquely intuitive user interface.
simple– creative– inspiring


Advantages & Benefits
Presentation of contents
With zooming focus, only one node can be open at a time, but the content is not zoomed in. For each node you can optionally select a background for the surrounding area.
More flexible presentation of content with new design options.
Rights management of BYOD
Detail improvement in the settings of individual user permissions for BYOD participants in presentation mode.
Flexible adaptation of the application to the customer’s IT and data protection requirements
Comment functions in annotation mode
Comment function for all content edited in annotation mode. Comments are provided separately when saving and printing.
Important tool in the context of group work and brainstorming.
Support for Google Docs
Import and export of Google Docs documents.
Independence and flexibility in the selection of the required office suites.
Arrangement and organization of content
Automatically arrange folders and files in multi-window mode.
Fast and clear structuring of your user interface.
Simple project creation
Revision of the editors for Snap and Zoom Targets.
Simple and fast project creation.
Realisation of innovative functions
Expansion of logic functions
Simplification of the initiation and control of complex logic sequences.
Import of documents
Performance increase during import/synchronization of documents.
Fast access to your documents even before the import process is completely finished.
New Widget “Count Down Timer”
Timing functions for all tasks in meetings and presentations.
Web Browser
Optimizing the support of pop-ups from web pages. These can now be opened as a separate area.
Comparative display of pop-up content in multi-window mode for advanced presentation and analysis of web content.
Using the QuickNavigation Bar
Defines the display sequences of the favorite entries.
Sorting can be used, for example, to store a presentation agenda in the project.
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smartPerform Pro and read the details about the new functions in our changelog.