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Make Your Brand an Experience. Create Collaboration.

With the new version for smartPerform Pro we have again implemented many new functions for the easy realization of your requirements for intuitive user interfaces for presentation, meeting and collaboration. Furthermore, you will find new sample applications with exemplary functions and functional design for demos or as templates for your individual projects.




Advantages & Benefits 


When changing the whiteboard or annotation node, an animated transition is performed on the local device.

For the BYOD user it becomes more obvious in which node he currently has permission to do annotation.

Post-It mode for upload of files via BYOD

Files uploaded to the presentation can now be provided with a colored frame per user.

Improvements for use cases like brainstorming, teamwork etc.

Unlimited Whiteboard

The whiteboard no longer has a fixed size, the drawing area can be extended as required.

Users can easily create large drawings / tables / … if required.


The selected function (freehand, straight line…) is also displayed in the icon for the drawing pen.

Improved user guidance


Backgrounds can now be loaded dynamically in the whiteboard.

Whiteboard can be better adapted to the respective application.


Performance optimization for the automatic distribution of projects

Quick provisioning of the updated project data.

Icon Design

There is a new icon for full screen display and for ending the full screen display

Improved user guidance through the use of established icons.

Snap Target / Zoom Target Editor

Various optimizations and extensions to make the editor easier to use.

Faster and easier project creation

Countdown Timer Widget

After the defined time has elapsed, the widget can also display the time overflow (negative values).

Improved time control of processes.

Weather Widget

Input field for the API key has been provided.

Important for the intensive use of weather data.

Digital Signage – Playlisten

You can now optionally allow navigation within the playlist.

Improved user experience through quick access to individual content.

Digital Signage – Opening documents

Documents can now be opened directly from the Signage Node.

Content of special interest can now be opened and read/viewed independently of the playlist time control.

 Licensing model

New type “Low” – for <=2K displays. “Large” >=4K renamed to “High”. New type “Mobile” for devices with rechargeable battery.

Consistent licensing model for all features.

Snipping Tool

A snipping tool now makes it possible to cut out parts of the screen for further processing.

Extension of the functions for working with whiteboard and annotations.

Finger- / Pen support

Automatic recognition between finger and pen input.

Improved user experience when using pens.

Link Node

For multiple use of  the same document in the project, a link to the first document can now be stored.

Smaller projects, faster distribution of projects.

Take advantage of our update webinars to find out more about our new features.
Find out more about smartPerform Pro and read the details about the new functions in our changelog.