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For those who want more!

Intuitive presentation and collaboration for all meetings!

The smartPerform Collaboration App for conference PCs with Windows operating system transforms any interactive touch screen into an intuitive user experience. The app combines management and presentation functions for all media files, live sources and your favorite video conferencing software in one interactive application.

The smartPerform Collaboration App gives meetings, conferences or seminars undreamt-of dynamics. Whether presentation material, whiteboard functions, video conferencing or collaborative work forms – the interactive user interface opens up all sources and bundles your creativity. Your meetings become simple, creative and inspiring again!

  • Manufacturer-independent
  • Flexible and configurable
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Upgrade to smartPerform Pro – for everyone who wants more


Advantages & Benefits


When changing the whiteboard or annotation node, an animated transition is performed on the local device.

For the BYOD user it becomes more obvious in which node he currently has permission to do annotation.

Post-It mode for upload of files via BYOD

Files uploaded to the presentation can now be provided with a colored frame per user.

Improvements for use cases like brainstorming, teamwork etc.


All functions of the CollaborationApp are now provided directly from the plugin without a project part.

Very easy transition from product to project (smartPerform Pro).

Icon Design

There is a new icon for full screen display and for ending the full screen display

Improved user guidance through the use of established icons.


The selected function (freehand, straight line…) is also displayed in the icon for the drawing pen.

Improved user guidance


Backgrounds can now be loaded dynamically in the whiteboard.

Whiteboard can be better adapted to the respective application.

Finger- / Pen support

Automatic recognition between finger and pen input.

Improved user experience when using pens.

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Collaboration App and read the details about the new functions in our change log.