Looking to to create a manageable, editable and multi-language smartPerform project?
Open up a smartPerform project in Edit-Mode (CMS-Mode) and follow the next 5 steps.
This is a new feature from smartPerform 2.3

1. In the configuration (Toolbox on the left edge of the screen) check the selection, “Advanced Settings”. Then go under the tab, “Presentation,” to, “,languages”. This is located in the top-right area of the Config Window.

2. Under the tab, “Languages,” click on the green plus button (“+”) to insert a new language. The name of the language can always be changed or edited later on. It is also possible to set a Standard language.

3. After you’ve closed the window by clicking, “OK,” a new area will appear in the Windows Titlebar where all languages that have been defined will now be listed:

4. After the preferred languages have been setup, individual Elements or Nodes can be assigned to specific languages. To do such, follow the following three points:

  • Right-click on the desired Element(Node)
  • Click on settings
  • Under the tab, “Visibility,” it’s possible to set the Element(Node) to a specific language.

5. After the desired Element(Node) has been assigned a language, it’s possible to toggle languages in Preview Mode – located in the top-right. This allows you to easily view each language separately and move elements with different languages to the exact same location without a hassle.
To realize the language switch in the final application, i.e. the presentation mode, there are several options, among these:

  • using Buttons (UI elements) on the Portal or in the Menu bar
  • by placing an RFID Chip on an attached RFID reader
  • by Input of an external System, e.g. via XML or IP (TCP/UDP)

You can perform these settings in the Logic Designer. To achieve this, please use the Logic block “Switch language”.

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