Conference Rooms

The Challenge

Users today find visually and technically, perfectly equipped meeting and conference rooms, technical aids such as projectors, screens, digital whiteboards, videoconferencing, audio equipment and more. In the end, your project teams, customers, business partners for lectures, polls or creative workshops should take place there. The operation of complex technologies, impressive forms of presentation, the use of tools for creative work and expenses for documenting results are often a major challenge.

A Solution

The answer to your requirements: Interactive large screens mounted as wall displays, standing/mobile carts or smaller speaker screens mounted in desks or tables are installed in conjunction with the intuitive user interface of smartPerform.Using a customizable interface, your speakers have easy access to personal presentation content, standardized corporate presentations, locally installed user programs as well as management and collaboration features. The sharing of information to your participants’ mobile communication devices (B.Y.O.D.), is surprisingly simple.

Selected features for your conference room.

Multi-Touch Controls

Simple and intuitive.


Work creatively and present, all in one room.


Content, media and room functionality.

The Advantage

smartPerform interfaces and collaboration features allow for easy multi-touch maneuvering, management, control and presentation capabilities for all media files as well as live sources all in one interface. Work and creative functions as well as sophisticated usage concepts break down technology barriers, increase the efficiency of your meetings and reduce costs.

Endless Possibilities

smartPerform can be utilized just about anywhere, be it a multi-touch table POS, or integrated into a massive wall display for your showroom as well as in consultant tablets.

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