The Challenge

These days, exhibition visitors stay well informed, easily through online and social media. Distribution of information and solutions are in the foreground and place high demand on your staff. Despite a tight time window – the collection of contact details, agreement towards next steps, the presentation of relevant papers and documents are important building blocks for a successful sales process.

A Solution

Digital, interactive multi-user displays on the wall or installed as multi-touch display tables allow your booth staff innovative presentations and invite customers to cut waiting times and get to know your current offer and novelties. With an on demand customized smartPerform UI, users combine information sharing, presentation and consulting functions for your products and services on one interface. For the mobile professionals, smartPerform interfaces can also be used in combination with mobile-consulting tablets.

Selected functions for your exhibition appearance.

Language Selection mini

Language Selection

Display all content in your choice language at the push of a button.



Share Digital information or take it with you.

rfidzeigt ausgewählte, digitale Informationen zum Produkt-mini

Product Recognition

Display digitally selected product information.

The Advantage

Long searches for that perfect video clip or after the correct data sheet are over. Using smartPerform’s intuitive, customizable interface, even new employees can maneuver their way, quickly and confidently into the perfect sales pitch. Filter functions and product recognition via RFID allows for innovative presentations of your innovations. By virtualizing your portfolio, a small, dynamic space becomes a powerful container of all of your information. With simple tools for manual or automated data maintenance changes and adjustments to your portfolio quickly and cost-effectively. With the help of simple tools for manual and automated data maintenance, changes and adjustments to your portfolio become cost-effective and quick to manage.

Endless Possibilities

smartPerform can be utilized just about anywhere, be it a multi-touch table POS, or integrated into a massive wall display for your showroom as well as in consultant tablets.

A Few Screenvideo Examples:

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