The Challenge

Museums provide informative experiences regarding the past, yet also from the present. Collections that cannot constantly be shown, are either securely stored or by the means of modern multimedia technology, processed and digitally presented. Tangible exhibits may require a great deal of space, are inflexible, and costly to maintain. In multimedia technology, costs, as well as operating costs for maintenance and upgrades are seemingly a burden on budgets. In addition, the reality stands that nearly all museums suffer from budgetary constraints.

A Solution

With the digital processing of exhibition articles, interactive multi-user displays on the wall or built into a table help visitors explore and discover museum exhibits from the past and present. Your museum doesn’t amaze visitors with only real, tangible exhibits, but also with innovative presentations – for example: Tangible exhibits would be supported with appropriate animations, videos or historical information. Let smartPerform connect the different digital exhibits simply to an inspiring world of experience.

Selected functions for your exhibition appearance.

Person Recognition

Provide individual greetings and guides.


Media and room functionality.


For secure and efficient operation.

The Advantage

Visiting the museum – a classic pastime for young and old. Virtualization allows for space-saving and efficient presentation of your exhibits. Through customized smartPerform interfaces, your visitors can navigate intuitively through a virtual world experience. The networked operation allows for quick and easy updating of content from the comfort of your desk. The best part: As a standard product, smartPerform offers an excellent price to performance ratio providing a simple, no-learning-curve-required experience.

Endless Possibilities

smartPerform can be utilized just about anywhere, be it a multi-touch table POS, or integrated into a massive wall display for your showroom as well as in consultant tablets.

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