Sales Teams

The Challenge

Speakers and presentators from the business and industry spend many hours preparing their presentations. The necessary information is copied from different corporate presentations and together with media information, such as text, images, movies, literature or websites, moved to a large, linear flow, presented to the public and clients. But what to do when the focus shifts? The subject wasn’t understood?  Do you require content stored somewhere on the hard drive, or the attention of the audience due to the steady flow of listening to a speaker?

A Solution

With a smartPerform UI customized to your companies identity, you can combine all the necessary information such as text, images, movies, data sheets, PowerPoint, web pages or executable programs in their original format straight into a interface. You can structure by theme, shorten finished presentations if necessary into smaller units and add them per drag and drop into the presentation environment. Use a laptop or tablet with an interactive screen or, also a basic mouse and keyboard – let the contents from any computer be intuitively presented. Remote control of your presentation device via mobile device? No problem thanks to smartPerform apps for all mobile devices.

Selected functions for your sales team.

Data Maintenance

Manage data automatically or manually via network.


Annotation and Whiteboard.


Collect and distribute your hand-outs.

The Advantage

Long searches for that perfect video clip or after the correct data sheet are over. Using smartPerform’s intuitive, customizable interface, even new employees can maneuver their way, quickly and confidently into the perfect sales pitch. Filter functions and product recognition via RFID allows for innovative presentations of your innovations. By virtualizing your portfolio, a small, dynamic space becomes a powerful container of all of your information. With simple tools for manual or automated data maintenance changes and adjustments to your portfolio quickly and cost-effectively. With the help of simple tools for manual and automated data maintenance, changes and adjustments to your portfolio become cost-effective and quick to manage.

Endless Possibilities

smartPerform can be utilized just about anywhere, be it a multi-touch table POS, or integrated into a massive wall display for your showroom as well as in consultant tablets.

A Few Screenvideo Examples:

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