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Make Your Brand an Experience. Create Collaboration.

With the new version for smartPerform Pro we have again implemented many new functions for the easy realization of your requirements for intuitive user interfaces for presentation, meeting and collaboration. Furthermore, you will find new sample applications with exemplary functions and functional design for demos or as templates for your individual projects..




Advantages & Benefits

Nodes Configuration

Attached nodes can now optionally be opened normally.

A minimum size can be specified for nodes in multi-focus mode.

This gives the project creator further degrees of freedom in creating innovative solutions optimized for user needs.

Prevents mismatching of nodes in multi-focus mode.


Guides with snap-in function can be displayed both at the portal level and at container levels.

Easier and faster placement of nodes.


Deployment of projects can now also be done via cloud storage.

Another option for easy deployment of smartPerform projects.

Font Awesome

Update to release 6 has been completed.

Extended deployment of Font Awesome icons for creating custom solutions.

Logik Designer

Simplification in summing up events,…, which are to be reacted to within the logic.

Opening of multiple nodes accessing the same grabber card signal is now supported.

Video Source

Opening of multiple nodes accessing the same grabber card signal is now supported.

When opening another node accessing the grabber card signal, the currently opened node is closed by the system. This prevents operating errors.

Take advantage of our update webinars to find out more about our new features. Find out more about smartPerform Pro and read the details about the new functions in our changelog.


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