BYOD Mobile App / BYOD Web-Service

Communication via mobile devices and web browsers

The smartPerform Bring Your Own Device app (BYOD) for mobile devices and a web service for access via customary web browsers facilitate teamwork beyond spatial borders. Collaborative forms of work between users and their device platforms become astonishingly simple and effective. The central element is a smartPerfom application (project- or product solution) on a presentation computer with a Microsoft Windows operating system, as well as a WLAN or LAN network (external via VPN or Internet) with sufficient network capacity.

The smartPerform Bring Your Own Device app (BYOD) is available on the App Store or Google Play.

Central functions

Display of the current screen presentation with manual or automatic update. Save the presented content locally or share local documents with the smartPerform presentation.

Create and share a local sketch based on a neutral background, the current smartPerform presentation image, a recent photo capture, or images from your photo gallery.

Creating comments and annotations – Share your thoughts with the attendees.

Remote control of the smartPerform presentation via a virtual mouse pointer.

Menu for remote control of the smartPerform presentation via control elements and predefined presets. Rights management for customizing available user functions.

QR code recognition
By scanning a QR code in the smartPerform presentation, the login data of the presentation is transmitted to the mobile device of the user in the simplest way.

User interface

smartPerform BYOD App



smartPerform BYOD App

Information about the minimum requirements and the recommended system specifications.

Download smartPerform BYOD App Datasheet >

System requirements

System requirements

PC with smartPerform Presentation or Collaboration app (incl. BYOD activation)
iOS: iOS 8 and up
Android: Android 4.4 and up
Latest Internet-browser version

System language (Configuration)

German, English

System architecture

Device with smartPerform Presentation

Mobile access point (WLAN / LAN)

Device with BYOD app / web browser

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