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The smartPerform team keeps you up to date.
Here you can see all the changes, improvments and growth in our software as well as bug fixes.

Available Changelogs:


Version 2024.1.3.1305

#14367 Layout Editor – Guidelines are not visible after loading layout

Version 2024.1.3.1304

#14358 smartCMS – mongoDB should generate log files
#14366 smartCMS – deadlock when editing playlist properties
#14343 Web Browser – keyboard does not open on some systems
#14361 RTF Node – Show attached Node with delay has short flashing at the end
#14364 Application freeze – When opening a container, a black bar moves in from the right and smartPerform freezes

Version 2024.1.3.1303

#14350 Signage – background of layout or signage node is sometimes flickering through on the end of a transition
#14353 Zoom Position – Initial zoom position wrong in CMS mode for containers with attached container inside

Version 2024.1.3.1302

#14334 Navigation Bar – Transparent background color rendered twice
#14338 Portal and containers open very slowly

Version 2024.1.3.1301

#14257 BYOD – Update app to support Android 13+
#14254 BYOD – missing menu after clicking a button

Version 2024.1.3.1300

smartPerform Pro: New Features and Enhancements

#14227 File Reference Count should update immediately, when a file is added to a Playlist etc.
#14255 alternate media for content in signage nodes
#14287 import files directly to a playlist, container…
#14293 Selecting an announcement causes a page refresh
#14301 show start and end date and time for playlists and sync folders files
#14307 add pager for tables
#14316 improve loading of tables by replacing Items with ServerData
#14325 automatically remove playlist and sync-container items when a file is removed from the database

#14288 Container – scrollable container background for lots of information
#14314 LayoutEditor – when changing the custom aspect ratio, custom aspect ratio should be selected automatically
#14323 WebBrowser – navigating back and closing PDF files is not possible


#14300 new user password error message
#14299 Change for file comment is not stored in database
#14327 Page refresh navigates back to Projects list
#14332 Editing Announcement Board title causes site to not navigate any more

#14313 Card Node – Changing card layout aspect ratio doesn’t affect Card node until restart
#14294 Node Feed – sometimes old nodes in the node list
#14317 LiveVideo – Setting capture audio device to causes a warning in Log
#14320 Container – nodes in multi-focus container do not snap correctly to container’s content border
#14330 MenuBar – Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Apps: Defects
#14326 Microsoft Teams (work and school) disappears from application list after an update

Version 2024.1.2.1201


#14319 Exception – System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
#14321 Exception – System.InvalidOperationException: Beim Überschreiben der Layoutmessung des Elements “System.Windows.Controls.StackPanel” sollten als “DesiredSize” keine NaN-Werte zurückgegeben werden.
#14322 PowerPoint – PowerPoint web links are opened in an external browser
#14324 PowerPoint – Links in copied PPT lose their region

Version 2024.1.2.1200

smartPerform Pro: New Features and Enhancements

#14273 Portal – optimization for very wide aspect ratio

#14251 support responsive layout
#14166 add database cleanup feature
#14206 allow to add URLs
#14241 store smartCMS Version in smartCmsProjects Database Table
#14246 File uploads should handle single or multiple file select correctly
#14278 Update project information like version and last updated when uploading from smartPerform
#14259 Announcement Board – reduce flicker while populating tables
#14260 Announcement Board – update tables in other sessions if boards are added or removed
#14267 Sync Containers – Easier connection to smartCMS

#14213 Kiosk Mode – deactivation of the 3 and 4 finger gestures
#14245 Web Viewer – Allow to mute web node
#14261 Navigation Bar – reduce complexity of visual tree
#14279 Configuration UI – selected tab is difficult to recognize
#14280 Attached Nodes – new mode for portal attached nodes to move with content


#14247 Clone Announcement Board did not clone the images
#14286 announcement time is displayed incorrectly after refilling
#14291 up and download of files does not work with active directory

#14070 Web Browser – no response at certain customer website and if the node is attached in an container
#14073 Web Viewer – Attached web nodes navigate back to home when single-focused container is focused again
#14238 Multi Focus Area – Multi Focus area limits for zoomed nodes do not work for nodes with assigned Zoom position target
#14240 Exception – System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
#14250 Widgets – Images of Puzzle and Memory no longer available after transfer
#14252 ViewBase – DataContext changed event not always raised causing possible memory leaks
#14256 Project From Server – Project should be synced back to server before entering energy saving mode
#14263 Capture Dialog – MediaControls have wrong color
#14266 Watchdog – Application restart fails with “Project is already running in another instance” message
#14272 Dynamic Node – transparent by default although background color is white
#14283 MediaImport – Onscreen Keyboard is hidden behind Capture Dialog when importing Web Nodes and trying to change the URL

Version 2024.1.1.1100

smartPerform Pro: New Features and Enhancements

#14091 manage Dynamic Nodes
#14222 Convert PowerPoint, Word and Excel Files by Media Import in smartPerform
#14179 Sync Containers – Handle files being replaced with different file type
#14209 Sync Containers – do not show Sync Containers which are not manged by smartCMS
#14237 improve page layout to enable scrolling of individual elements instead of scrolling the entire page
#14210 Remove Project Rights for elements which are removed in smartPerform
#14234 Write Logs to ProgramData folder for easier access in case smartCMS is launched as service

#14208 Navigation Bar – new navigation bar style simple clean
#14169 Layouts – Improve performance
#14184 Node Effects – new transition effect Direct
#14185 PDF – enhance preview image resolution with automatic import
#14191 TextFeed – First page is sometimes skipped or shown for a short time, because the page timer starts while the feed is still loading
#14199 UI Element Toggle Button – Preview and Background image has different behavior than normal buttons | Breaking Change
#14214 FontAwesome Icons – add “sharp” icons
#14216 Configuration / Nodes Properties Dialog – Navigation to the recently used page is very slow
#14220 Browser – activate SSO for WebView2

#14168 Card Node – Slider Layout shows part of thumbnail on the left-hand side
#14188 Card Node – Properties buttons are black and Media File field does not update
#14189 Card Node – Number of cards increases when editing card properties

#14176 Single focused background – With multiple selection and setting a single focused background, the graphic is not displayed when restarting
#14180 Signage – Updated Playlist from smartCMS is not displayed

#14211 smartCMS – Navigation to last visited page after login does not work anymore
#14217 smartCMS – user error message not fully translated

#14183 Layout Pool – Icon image disappeared after transfer to another system
#14232 Layout: Panel has two Borders
#14186 Fullscreen – Navigating back from fullscreen node to container leaves node covered by title overlay
#14190 TextFeed – Ticker shows no items
#14197 TextFeed – Attached TextFeed does not restart playing when changing the transition e.g. from “Scrolling” to “Ticker”
#14192 Configuration – Elements in Sketch Media Settings are clipped
#14194 Snap Targets – Position of snap targets on portal is wrong
##14195 UI Element – Toggle on/off state is not shown when title text alignment is top or bottom | Breaking Change
#14198 Navigation Bar – Icons are missing
#14200 Capture Node – Opening Live Video nodes with same capture device within short time causes an exception
#14207 NodeSelectionControl – TreeViewItems with checked children are not expanded
#14218 Sharepoint authentication – window closes after a few seconds
#14226 Right-Title-Style – Long title is shortened instead of wrapped
#14228 Edge Web Viewer – Fails to open popup in new node
#14229 Content Display – Changing properties of nodes in content display get lost when switching to edit content (in attached container)
#14230 Logic Designer – typo in “Navigate To” Command Block Properties Dialog
#14231 Keyboard – Clear and Del keys show translation Key: prefix when Keyboard control is not hosted in KeyboardWindow
#14235 MediaStatistics – System.NullReferenceException when smartCMS files are used in Signage Playlists
#14236 Error Report – System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80004004)

Version 2024.1.0.1000

smartPerform Pro: New Features and Enhancements

Single Focus and Fullscreen
#14138  Single Focus and Fullscreen – allow using a container as node overlay
#14160  Fullscreen – display nodes on the entire area
#14141  Navigation Bar – use show navigation bar option also for fullscreen nodes | Breaking Change

#14151  Fullscreen Logic Block – allow using active node

#14120  smartCMS Sync Container – allow creating sub-folders with optional preview images
#14132  smartCMS – restructure NavMenu
#14164  smartCMS – allow editing (replace) Files

#14067  migrate to .NET 8
#14095  Guidance – add a room as filter for the debug info in the log
#14096  Text Feed – Display number of current page and number of total pages
#14100  DataGrid – selected rows are hard to identify because a marker on the left hand column is missing
#14139  Node Templates – automatically apply an updated node template
#14143  Power Point – keep fullscreen navigation bar state when changing pages
#14144  Logic Close Node Command – allow to close the active node
#14152  Content Inspector – Configure Column Visibility by Context Menu is difficult
#14155  Snapping – Allow to edit coordinates for specific screen resolution within container

#14109  Card Node – Navigate to node does not work on custom layouts when an image is clicked
#14154  Card Node – Media is not shown when “Navigate To Node” is enabled in layout but no target node is selected
#14133  smartCMS Files – “Delete Selected Files” header action is accessible without user rights
#14153  smartCMS – Lockable items can remain in locked state forever even when page was closed
#14148  Content Inspector – Delete Selected Orphans Button remains disabled although Orphans are selected
#14149  Content Inspector – Context Menu of Column Headers does not show CheckBoxes
#14134  Node Properties – Dialog for node style per zoomlevel is broken
#14098  Icon Properties Dialog – Checkbox “Use Icon Color” has no effect
#14136  Language Resource Editor – Keys which are created at startup are not translated properly
#14156  Exception – System.InvalidOperationException: Operations that change non-concurrent collections must have exclusive access. […]
#14158  Signage – Images or background images for layouts with custom aspect ratio get lost when opening the layout

Version 2024.1.0.1001

#14014 Live Video – live source generates much load
#14174 Access rights – Nodes are not displayed in presentation mode
#14175 Signage – Sync containers do not work any more as playlist


Version 2023.4

smartPerform Pro: New Features and Enhancements

#12102        smartCMS web-based Content Management
#13939        smartCMS – Manage Container Content
#13938        smartCMS – Announcement Board functionality
#13970        smartCMS – Allow setup to integrate in IIS or run standalone server
#13969        Widget TicTacToe Game
#14016        New Node Type “Card”

#12391        Sketch – allow to set default pen and marker size
#13984        Sketch – new option to leave pen and marker pop-ups open

Node Design
#13632        Attached Nodes –  Frame, background area, padding, frame width and color adjustable
#13614        support transitions between pages like PdfViewer
#14012        Node – show ScrollBars optional permanently
#14015        Paged List View – allow to set rows & optimize preview
#14034        Colored Icons
#14079        Style Template – Outer title style optional without border right/left/top 

Text Feed & Layouts
#13993        Layout Pool – combine Text Feed and Data Node Layout Pool | Breaking Change
#14036        Layout Editor – add guidelines
#14037        Layout Editor – various improvements
#14110        Layout Editor – Allow to scale items smaller
#14044        Text Feed: Configuration Improvements
#14054        Text Feed – RSS Feed Images are not displayed for some RSS Feeds
#14108        Text Feed – New data type for feed type Node Feed

#12998        Portal – optimization of the horizontal and vertical movable background / portal
#14038        Portal – integrate Portal Dialog into Configuration
#13989        FontControl – improve performance of font ComboBox
#13994        Web Viewer – Allow popups to close its node or tab
#14048        Snap Targets & Guidelines – add copy and paste command buttons to editor
#14050        Manual – Restructure of Node related pages
#14085        Logic: Allow to control simulated Date/Time by logic block

#13962        TextFeed – Feed items only play automatically on attached nodes | Breaking Change
#14023        Text Feed – Layout Background image is not displayed
#14057        Text Feed – dialog width increases with long URL in Feed Source
#14069        Text Feed Node – Presentation Window closes after pressing Layout navigation Button
#14022        RSS Feed – TempData folder contains many folders and files
#13965        Layout Properties Dialog: Background image is not saved in case Layout Editor Widget is not open
#13980        Logic Designer – F1 help links to wrong manual page
#14004        Logic – Keyboard logic block does not work
#14124        Logic – Command “Close Node” doesn’t show attached Nodes from Container
#13996        PresentationWindow – switch to CMS mode takes a long time and window bounces after saving the configuration
#13997        Starting application via .spproj file from Explorer does not work
#13998        Intro Screen – It’s not possible to edit the last opened project directly from Intro Screen if unlicensed
#14001        Theme – Switching dialog theme is getting slower with each change
#14006        UIElement Text Input – Keyboard Button becomes never visible
#14028        UIElement Label –  the background color transparency is different
#14125        Web Node – Importing new URL from Browser by Drag&Drop overwrites old URL
#14017        CheckPowerPointInstallation() throws System.IO.FileNotFoundException
#14018        PowerPoint – Dragging a multi-focused node over an open PowerPoint node interrupts the drag operation
#14024        FileChangeMonitor – the notification in case the monitored file does not exist was fired continuously
#14025        Add new content – new content is added to container rather than to the portal
#14026        Widget – Puzzle game clock is cut out
#13966        Widget – link to manual does not work
#14052        Widgets – translation table is empty when opening the properties a second time
#14029        Node – Title uses the wrong color property | Breaking Change
#14066        Nodes – Node in Fullscreen has wrong position after closing the properties dialog
#14117        Node – Node title is cut off with large display/zoom
#14122        Node – Thumbnails disappear after editing multiple nodes at once
#14072        Attached Nodes – Border of attached nodes is clipped by container
#14113        Style Template – Colors in the style templates do not work properly | Breaking Change
#14039        Console – Log window does not show log entries added on application start
#14051        Manual – Missing Topics
#14053        Language Definitions – Possible to assign UI language <System> which won’t work with LanguageResourceDictionary
#14086        Overlay Icon – When using an image file, the overlay gets lost for copies of original nodes (because absolute path is stored in copies)
#14087        Overlay Icon – Smoothing of overlay icons does not work for left and right title style
#14089        Overlay Icon – When using an image file, overlay image gets lost when changing the padding
#14105        Icon Properties Dialog – Icon colors do not change if inheritance is changed on a color picker
#14097        Blackout Image – Path for Blackout image is absolute
#14101        Guidance – Get rooms does not set e-mail address of the room as room id for Exchange Online
#13981        System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added. Key: §ImportProgress
#13982        System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file ‘C:\VMShare\Projects\7d47e6a1\@Data\@JsonData\DataProvider.json’.
#13987        Exception – System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added. Key: §ImportProgress
#13988        Exception – System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
#14040        Exception – System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. (Parameter ‘path2’)
#14049        Configuration Window – Dialog requesting a restart due to a skin change sometimes appears, although skin did not change
#14068        Exception – System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
#14078        Exception – System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.

Version 2023.4.0.4001

#14106        Node Settings – The project crashes when opening the config of the navigation bar tab
#14131        Signage and Layout Pool – smartPerform crashes when opening such an object


Version 2023.3

smartPerform Pro: New Features and Enhancements

#10370 Node – Support for 3D data
#12803 Widget – puzzle game
#13617 Data Node – Node with flexible layout to display data from data sources like a database
#13493 UI Element – allow to use overlay icon | Breaking Change
#13494 Quick Navigation Bar – Display overlay icons
#13263 Media Shelf – Mirror only option
#13631 Media Shelf – name buttons yourself for move and mirror function
#13835 Media Shelf – when you move it to Media Shelf, you can see the preview image of the actual file
#13953 Media Shelf – Added Button to remove the node from Media Shelves to the Navigation Bar of the node
#13847 CMS Mode – Start CMS mode on Home
#13863 Logic Designer – new logic block “Directory Copy” to copy or move all files of a folder
#13964 Logic Designer – Directory Copy: added option to move directory content only
#13883 Node Properties Dialog – allow to add additional dependent files after the node was imported
#13895 Layout Editor – Move Undo Stack from global undo stack to Layout Editor
#13915 Signage – specify how the time range of a playlist item should work
#13922 Navigation Bar – Unify size of icons
#13956 Web Browser – login on website not possible

Bug Fixes
#13855 Logic Block “Signage Playout Input” – IsEnd out does not trigger. MediaId output is wrong if on click to pause.
#13891 Logic Designer – Un-Grouping and Undo of Grouping or Un-Grouping does not work as expected
#13923 Logic Designer – Orange Link with no target when grouping logik blocks
#13941 Logic Designer – Close Node causes crash in full screen mode
#13896 Node – Background image behavior not correct for containers and widgets
#13916 Node – The size of preview image cannot be defined through the translation table
#14013 Live Video Node – deactivate “Touch toggles play/pause” does not work properly
#13928 Web-Node – screenshot of website after closing fullscreen
#13986 Web-Node – Power BI embed report Sign-In tab remains open
#13920 Content-Display ListView – copied container setting changed
#13991 Content-Display Paged List View – gray bar is displayed above the pagination control
#13926 UI Element – Border is shown in style “UI Element Style”
#13959 Media Shelf Remote Control – navigation arrow not positioned correctly e.g. outside the remote control
#13960 Media Shelf Remote Control – when moving a video to a MediaShelf, no preview image is displayed on the remote control
#13978 Sketch Editor – printing annotations directly causes invalid margins or wrong format
#13985 Sketch Editor – Font entries of the Text-Menu are invisible in dark mode
#13874 Project Assistant – Presentation mode does not open from CMS-Mode
#13885 OneDrive – downloading files containing % in name does not work
#13944 Watchdog – smartPerform is restarted by watchdog continuously during startup-phase
#13948 Weather Widget – Error Unable to parse forecast XML Value cannot be null. (Parameter ‘destinationTimeZone’)
#13961 Protocol Container – Scaling in Protocol Container doesn’t work
#13973 Configuration – NavigationBar NodeControls Button is not displayed correctly
#13976 Multipage documents – presenter can no longer be used after you annotated the node
#14030 Zooming Focus – Node cannot be opened again if zoom fails to determine focus
#14031 Zooming Focus – Focus is sometimes not set correctly for rotated nodes
#13977 Exception – fixed exception “Could not start XPS print job” when printing annotations
#13958 Exception – fixed NullReferenceException in Content-Inspector

Version 2023.3.0.3006

#14093 Guidance – List of rooms with many entries is very slow and has no search option
#14092 Guidance – Lists with rooms expands to show all items without ScrollBars
#14094 Guidance – Event for multiple days lasting from 0:00 to 24:00 is only displayed for the first day

Version 2023.3.0.3005

#14041 Zoom and Rotate Handle – When hidden, touch is not possible in that area

Version 2023.3.0.3004

#14035 Container Sync – PDF Import without Thumbnails depending on a configuration option


Version 2023.2

smartPerform Pro: New Features and Enhancements

#13609 Modernize the Configuration UI | Breaking Change
#13809 ContentDisplays: allow to occupy the entire container region
#13826 Watchdog – various optimizations, e.g. open configuration UI from smartPerform
#13858 Kiosk Mode – Disable Windows Edge Gestures by registry | Breaking Change
#13848 Video Player – Video should be muted when jumping back and forth
#13851 PDF – disable rotation of PDF files
#13853 Realtime Synchronization – Use IP Address instead of Hostname
#13854 Sketch – printing a pdf with annotation should merge the annotation with the pdf file, rather than printing a screenshot
#13857 Container Sync logic module – Crash with Container Sync module

Bug Fixes
#13860 Logic Block ScreenSaver – Lock for screen saver stays persistent
#13864 Logic Designer – Logic Block RTS Role Change Remote role selection has no impact
#13869 Logic – Window Position Command does not work with maximized Presentation Window
#13855 Logic Block “Signage Playout Input” – IsEnd out does not trigger. MediaId output is wrong if on click to pause.
#13815 Node Properties Dialog – Navigation bar preview area is not visible after switching to other tab and back
#13823 Node – Trying to start an non-existant external application leads to crash
#13865 Project Assistant – Dialog window to restart the application opens behind the main window
#13856 Project Assistant – Choosing a project by path does not select project in the list
#13622 Weather Widget – Crash after using Yahoo EOID Search Button
#13810 Container – Temporary media is stored twice in container’s media pool
#13830 Container Sync – Opened Content Inspector causes UI lags and freezes
#13813 Ticker in ticker window restarts on click on portal
#13814 Color Picker – First click on “standard colors” does not update the rest of the dialog
#13836 Exception – Opening properties of Image node with custom Ken Burns animation causes a NullReferenceException
#13859 Exception – System.InvalidOperationException: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.
#13837 Content Inspector – Nodes in Signage MediaPool are not found
#13852 Calendar Events – Attachments are missing if the conversation has many messages
#13866 Configuration – Edge Chromium Browser not named correctly
#13867 Signage – with PDF and PowerPoint single focus does not open the correct page
#13872 Realtime Synchronization – Navigation in PowerPoint does not work
#13876 Extensions – Extensions cannot be loaded in offline state


Version 2023.1

smartPerform Pro: New Features and Enhancements

#13157 Guidance – new setting to not display free appointments
#13217 Logic Designer – Message Box & Pop-Up should optionally ignore the placement of the triggering element
#13610 Logic Designer – reset media position logic block
#13616 Logic Designer – opening the logic designer with many existing tabs does not bring the active tab in view
#13461 Calendar Configuration – explain & improve configuration
#13499 Signage – allow playlist navigation within a ppt or pdf
#13500 Signage – open nodes at the current media position
#13615 Signage – Option “Enable Playlist navigation” should be invisible if a composition is used
#13502 Viewer – show play and pause state
#13542 Text Feed – page time should pause when touch/click the textfeed node
#13546 Text Feed – URL with user credentials does not work
#13547 File Selector – Add support for Links
#13562 Upgrade to .NET 7
#13591 Live Video – use device path as a distinction
#13621 Realtime Synchronization – Remove RealtimeSynchronizationProxy
#13623 Realtime Synchronization – Add slave to list with Enter key
#13626 Coverflow – Option to use containers in a content display (e.g. 3D coverflow)
#13511 List View – Option to set foreground and background color for the title

Bug Fixes
#13508 Presentation Container – update sketch directly when adding
#13611 PDF Viewer – allow to use the same page setting after zooming
#13633 Attached Node – Starting Sketch mode causes NavigationBar to get invisible
#13812 Preview Strip – Is on top of stacked nodes or other multi-focus nodes
#13817 Sketching – Multiple selected objects do not scale correctly with selection
#13821 Transitions – Adding Zoom animation to transition causes jumps in animation
#13822 Transitions – Fence and Bricks transition doesn’t show background color before and after animation
#13828 Container Sync – Busy spinner does not disappear on cloned container when synchronization ends
#13834 Media Shelf – Sketching in a PowerPoint and saving does not work
#13841 Signage – arrow to enter the settings is missing
#13845 Text Feed – Text Feed Layout data in the properties not selectable
#13580 Realtime Synchronization – Slave does not work with .NET 7
#13619 Realtime Synchronization – Disconnect menu bar button is not shown after connecting
#13807 Exception – System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index must be within the bounds of the List. (Parameter ‘index’)
#13850 Exception – System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for ‘Osklib.OnScreenKeyboard’ threw an exception.

Apps: New Features and Enhancements

#13485 “Save Meeting – a meeting cannot be saved if the “My Documents” Container is empty”


Version 2022.2

smartPerform Pro: New Features and Enhancements

#13470   Video Node – Play/Pause toggle, jump 10 secons back, space bar to pause and play, show preview while seeking
#13233   Node – option to show zoom & rotate handles less transparent
#13286   Traffic Widget – Traffic Data as a new source for the text feed node
#13506   Watchdog – to improve kiosk-mode in case smartPerform crashes
#13051   Signage – set content orientation in playout region
#13078   Interactive map – stability and performance improvements
#13159   Guidance – Various stability and performance improvements
#13175​   Logic Designer – New Logic Block to get Windows Environment Variables
#13176   Container Synchronization – Allow environment variable in path for sync folder
#13407   Traffic Widget – Configuration of a region around a GPS position
#13285   Presentation Container – Preview image is not used
#13463   E-Mail – Using OAuth 2.0 with GMail and Office 365
#13545   Media Statistic – Missing Hostname in statistic file filename
#13552   WebView2 – allow to use pasword manager and password autofill
#13596   Audio Plugin – set default volume after start
#13073   BYOD – Undo/Redo for annotations and easy connect
#13561   Text Feed – Node Feed navigates to the wrong file with special layouts
#13590   Feedback Animation – does not work in presentation mode
Various stability and performance improvements

Apps: New Features and Enhancements

#13607   Option to automatically end an inactive session outside the active hours
#13361   Demo Mode for presentation purposes
Various stability and performance improvements



Version 2022.1

smartPerform Pro: New Features and Enhancements

#10149​    Signage – Copy existing signage media pool from one project to another project
#12451    Quick Navigation Bar – show Quick Navigation Bar above a node in fullscreen
#12522   Node – new option for not scaling the node title for closed nodes | Breaking Change
#12605    Navigation Bar – improvements for the Breadcrumbs Control
#12779    Guidelines – Option for showing guidelines in CMS mode
#12801    Logic Designer – New option to close Message Box by countdown
#12885    Protocol Container – show confirmation message after saving protocol
#12896    Loading a Project – various optimizations including performance
#12914    Portal – lock portal in CMS mode as context menu option or portal setting
#12995    Logic Designer – New Logic Block to get Tag data from a node
#13000    Container Synchronization – store cloud login information
#13001    Signage – adopt the page times for PowerPoint files
#13028    Screensaver – Show an embedded video in PowerPoint in full length
#13043    Content Inspector – Adjust node title TextBox for long titles
#13062    License – Increase of resolution for low / small licenses
#13079    Logic Designer – Preserve synchronized data when container-sync is triggered via startup logic
#13136    QuickNavigationBar / Sitemap – use portal title instead of fixed text “Home” | Breaking Change
#13490   Logic Designer – Block to get the currently opened nodes
#13483   Node Properties Dialog – Add search and navigation capabilities like in the Configuration Window
#13429   PDF Viewer – Support for loop command
#13427   Media Control Command Block – Allow to set page time
#13425   Optimizatopm for switching CMS Mode
#13418   Signage- and TextFeedLayout: Using an image as background use uniform to fill so the image fills the entire background
#13398   Interactive Map – New Marker dialog optimized for Dark theme
#13380   Memory Game – Improve highscore input possibilities
#13374   Snap-Targets & Zoom-Position Targets Editor – make very high resolution adjustable
#13351   Error Report: include a list of currently running processes into SystemInformation.txt
#13337   Sitemap and QuickNavBar – adapt item highlighting styles
#13304   Client/Server – Several optimizations for deploy over cloud services
#13301   Signage – No transition if only one file or page is displayed
#13225   Logic Designer – Override data on output connectors
#13119   Attached Nodes – allow to open attached nodes
#13134   Multi Focus – adjustable min size for multi focus nodes
#13160   Guidelines – Allow elements to snap centered to guideline
#13162   Client/Server – allow deploy over cloud services
#13188   FontAwesome – Update to version 6
#13221   Logic Designer – New Counter Block

#12621    Upgrade smartPerform.exe and project automatically
#13173   Allow use of multiple video sources with a one channel grabber card

#13216   Project Assistant – window is placed at the bottom right when DPI Scaling is active
#13267   UI Element Button – Optimization for feedback animation for touch interaction
#13291   Logic Designer – Volume is now setable with Volume Logic Block
#13327   Single Focused Background – Several optimizations for duplicating and changing the background of the duplicate
#13330   Weather Widget – Fixes some issues, if properties are partly empty
#13342   PowerPoint – Show last slide first works now also in a container with list view and PowerPoint viewer
#13346   Chromium Webbrowser – Show Navigation Bar even Browser is attached
#13397   Interactive Map – Display mouse pointer over the map
#13444   Excel Node – Excel Node opens nowalso from attached sync folder, like images, pdfs..
#13451   Protocol / Presentation Container – .sketch file is now displayed correctly
#13456   Logic – Node Data block returns .sketchX file for Media Path
#13462   Logic Designer – Fixes some issues to adjust times correctly in Timer Input logic block
#13464   Sketch – Default background is now displayed after logic clear
#13465   Interactive Map – annotation media controls displays now more the number of pages


Apps: New Features and Enhancements

#12988   Automatically open calendar body, while starting a session

#13339   Company Documents – Sub-directories open now as extra node