Creative Platform for

Intuitive User Interfaces

simple – creative – inspiring


Meeting and Collaboration

User interfaces for efficient collaboration
and interactive presentations in conference and
meeting rooms



Presentation Exhibits

User interfaces for digital signage and
interactive signage applications
on company campus



Digital Notice Board

User interfaces for interactive information
about companies, staff, cafeteria and management
in communication areas or in production




User interfaces for intuitive user guidance
in the training room and academies



Multi-Touch Tables

User interfaces for multimedia experiences,
social interactions and more detailed product information
in showroom, sales room and at trade fairs



Multi-Touch Power Wall

User interfaces for information and
sales areas in the showroom and at exhibits



Info Points

User interfaces for product presentations,
e-commerce solutions and animated advertisement
in sales and at the point of sale



Digital Sales

User interfaces for innovative presentations
regarding mobile communication



Shop Floor

Intuitive user interfaces and functions
for managing your processes
in production and logistics


Make your Brand an Experience. Create Collaboration.
We, Immersion7 GmbH, develop and realize the creative tool smartPerform Pro for our customers and partners in order to create and operate individual user interfaces for passive and interactive application environments. These applications help you to stage your brand, product or special topic and create space for a creative and networked approach to work. Combine innovative forms of presentation, collaboration and management in one single, uniquely intuitive user interface. Standardized user interfaces – apps – complete the smartPerform portfolio.
You will find intuitive user interfaces powered by smartPerform in all areas of digital communication, for example in meetings and collaboration, presentation exhibits, digital notice boards, training, multi-touch table, info points, digital sales and shop floor applications.

smartPerform Pro

Stage any brand, any product and any topic innovatively and bring them to life in an interactive manner – create room to work creatively and profit from networks. Combine innovative forms of presentation, collaboration and management in one single, uniquely intuitive user interface.
smartPerform Pro

The Collaboration App

Standard for meetings, conferences and seminars with a whole new dynamic. Whether it’s presentation materials, whiteboard functions, or controlling media and room technology – the interactive user interface taps into all sources and bundles their creativity. The Collaboration App

Intuitive user interfaces and functions powered by smartPerform are found in:


Sales Room


Fairs & Events


Huddle Space


Conference Rooms









Examples of User Interfaces

Interface videos from individual applications

smartPerform User Interfaces

How is a smartPerform interface created?


Drag & Drop


What You See Is What You Get


Integration of all media formats


Smart functions

Present Yourself in Good Company

Internationally successful brands, companies and organizations have been relying on smartPerform for years. With smartPerform, they are able to realize and operate interactive and digital communication within and outside of the company, fully aware of the sustainable capabilities and reliable operating performance of the system.


Comprehensive applications with smartPerform user interfaces being the core of the solution are offered and integrated through our partner network which consists of web and multimedia agencies, communication specialists as well as AV and IT system vendors.
Benefits which enthrall our partners:

  • Customized, interactive interfaces
  • Easy creation and maintenance
  • Tools for flexible design and innovative functions
  • Interfaces for sensors, media and room technology
  • Flexible and expandable, also with individual applications

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Intuitive user interfaces and functions powered by smartPerform are present in companies from the manufacturing, economic and financial sectors, in political, scientific or medical centers, in public areas, hotels and academies, at trade fairs – anywhere digital communication contributes to increasing market presence, image and efficiency.
For smartPerform users:

  • Comprehensive user experience
  • Integrated operating concepts
  • Innovative and intuitive
  • Easy updates and maintenance of content and design
  • Sustainable usage options based on a software platform
  • Future-proof

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Test Versions

The free demo version of smartPerform Pro allows you to try, change or maintain fixed smartPerform user interfaces or create new interfaces. The demo version of the collaboration app includes all the functions of the full version, limited to one media file. Request

Training & Webinars

Our personal webinars are intended to provide an overview of smartPerform’s application examples and backgrounds. Our training program communicates all the knowledge required for using, creating and maintaining user interfaces. Overview

YouTube Channel

Experience smartPerform in action. In our playlists, you will find smartPerform Pro applications, videos about the collaboration app as well as interface examples and tutorials. Playlists