Schuler AG

Corporate Communications in Transition

Schuler is a technology and world leader in forming technology. The company offers pressing, automation solutions, tools, process know-how and service for the entire metal processing industry and automotive lightweight construction. Schuler is a leader in coin embossing. With approximately 6,600 employees, Schuler is present in about 40 countries and is a majority member of the Austrian ANDRITZ Group.

Innovation and Technology Centre

With a new building at the company’s headquarters in Göppingen, Schuler is bundling previously scattered employees into an innovation and technology center for the company. “The use of digital communication channels is an important part of our communication strategy,” says Heino von Dreele, Head of Marketing and Communications at Schuler. “There were various challenges in the project. On the one hand, the different audiences we wanted to reach. On the other hand, the different formats we want to use. In doing so, the maintenance of the content should mean as little additional effort as possible, “says Heino von Dreele.

Multi-Touch Powerwall

In the entrance area, a seating area invites you to spend some time with colleagues or visitors. An impressive large screen in the form of an interactive multi-touch Powerwall stages the Schuler brand and its products there. Tailor-made user interfaces powered by smartPerform inform about the company’s considerable history, show examples of applications in the various market segments or provide a glimpse of highlight projects.

Company Tours

Company tours also start there – this gives visitors a holistic impression of Schuler’s performance without having to visit the extensive or safety-relevant areas on the factory premises.

Digital Notice Board

Digital notice boards serve as an interactive communication platform in the individual employee areas. There, uniform content can be made available for various areas such as production and administration, such as the meal plan, notices of the areas or news, but also specific content for shop floor rounds.

Point of Information

In the building, screen pillars inform visitors and employees about current topics from the various branches, press releases, weather and traffic news or about special topics such as occupational safety.

Sharepoint-Based Intranet and Network Drives

All new content can be published quickly and easily thanks to the simple care processes in smartPerform. The digital notice boards, for example, automatically pull some of their content from the Sharepoint-based intranet or from network drives. There, authorized employees take down current content by drag and drop – smartPerform takes over the distribution of the content to all screens in the building.

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