The Challenge

The demands on modern showrooms in businesses today are incredibly versatile: you create an atmosphere that serve as a permanent exhibition or sales area, tell the story of your company or you can use there the positive radiance of your products and services for creative meetings and discussions. Real exhibits need a lot of specialized space, can be inflexibly consuming and expensive to use and update.

A Solution

Digital, interactive multi-user displays on the wall or installed as multi-touch display tables allow employees from sales and technology the ability to introduce your current innovative offers. Your showroom doesn’t amaze with only real, tangible products, but also with innovative presentations .for example: Tangible, real products would be supported with suitable animations, videos or data sheets. With smartPerform the different digital exhibits can be connected very simply to an inspiring world of experience.

Selected functions for your showroom.

Person Recognition

Provide individual greetings and guides.


Work creatively and present all in one room.


Media and room functionality.

The Advantage

Guided tours through full courses with outdated exhibits are finally over. Virtualization allows a space-saving and efficient presentation of your portfolio. Through intuitive, customized smartPerform interfaces as well as by specific processes, even new speakers and presenters will navigate quickly and confidently in the visitor presentation. The networked operation allows for quick and easy updating of content from the comfort of your workplace. With features for personal identification, individualized greetings and tools for collaborative meetings, you can ensure a lasting impression on your visitors.

Endless Possibilities

smartPerform can be utilized just about anywhere, be it a multi-touch table POS, or integrated into a massive wall display for your showroom as well as in consultant tablets.

A Few Screenvideo Examples:

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