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Easy as Child's Play with smartCMS
Maintain your Content in smartPerform

  • Browser-based CMS solution with lifetime license
  • Access from any end device
  • Your data remains in your company network

All Browsers - all Devices - all Operating Systems


Maintain Content - no matter when, no matter where


Not tied to a Local PC Workstation


Plan Ahead and Save Time


Up-to-Date Information at all Times


Perfect for Visitor, Employee and Product Information

Simple and Intuitive Operation of the Software

Exchange and Seamlessly Maintain Content for your Digital Interfaces

Link your smartPerform interface with smartCMS and manage your content easily from anywhere. With functions such as rights management, you have full control over who can access which content. Create playlists and display them automatically to offer your viewers a dynamic experience.

Best of all, content can be easily replaced with just a few clicks to keep your smartPerform interfaces fresh and up-to-date. Want to find out more? Contact us and book your personal demo appointment. Watch the video to find out more about the advantages and functions of smartCMS!

smartCMS browserbasiert Inhalte pflegen

Lifetime License and Sensitive Data in your own Network

Buy Once – Use for a Lifetime

Integrate our smartCMS into your company structure and retain control of your data in your own company network. No hidden lifetime costs, no surprises. Updates and support for the software? Optional, as required. And for those who prefer software as a service? Easy! We have the right package for everyone.

The Browser-based smartCMS

The new Freedom in Content Maintenance

Let’s get serious: with our new browser-based content management, addressing your target group becomes child’s play and enables seamless maintenance of your content completely independent of the end device – no matter where you are. With our smartCMS, you have the power to determine what, how and when people get to see with just a few clicks. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

smartCMS browserbasiert Inhalte pflegen
smartCMS – aha, so einfach geht content ändern

This is how it Works with smartCMS

What you Need to Use smartCMS

To use the full potential of smartCMS, you need a valid smartPerform license and a deploy license. Don’t worry, our smartCMS is already integrated in the deploy license. But to really get started, you still need to link a smartPerform interface, which you can then easily manage with smartCMS.

The most Important Functions at a Glance

Simply Easier with smartCMS

Rights Management
User-specific restrictions for structured teamwork.

Status display for all connected interfaces

Content Maintenance
Operating system-independent content maintenance via the browser

Play content on a time-controlled basis.

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Present yourself in the Best Company

Frequently asked questions about smartCMS

You Ask – We Answer.

What is smartCMS?

smartCMS is a browser-based content management system with which you can update and exchange the content of your smartPerform interfaces.

Can smartCMS be used with any browser?

Yes, we support all common browsers in every operating system.

Do I need a Windows device to use smartCMS?

No, smartCMS can be used with any end device regardless of the operating system. All you need is a standard browser and a connection to your company network.

Is smartCMS web-based?

No, browser does not mean Internet. We remain true to our principle that no company data leaves your network.