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Examples of User Applications

For smartPerform Pro Presentations or as a Template for your Projects

A smartPerform Pro application consists of a smartPerform Pro Player software with a suitable operating or demo license, and a configurable user application for the respective purpose.


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Our sample applications for the described solution and application areas were created with the smartPerform Pro Designer function (CMS) and can be customized or extended by you via this way. For operation you also need a smartPerform Pro Player software with suitable operating or demo license (available via shopping cart).

You can assign our sample applications to the shopping cart completely or selected via filter functions. Then start the download process in the shopping cart area. Is there nothing suitable? Do you need advice? Please contact us! Please note our terms of use and technical requirements for the use of our sample applications.

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35 MB

easyPresentation #12

With this sample application you can discover all the sights of London with just a few clicks. The portal with the skyline can be moved hori...

40 MB

easyPresentation #11

Let's travel together to the deep sea and explore the inhabitants together. The portal with the deep sea image can be moved vertically and ...

40 MB

easyPresentation #10

Whether in museums or in exhibitions, young or old, with the smartPerform Memory Widget and the quiz visitors and guests are actively involv...

370 MB

easyPresentation #9

The sample application "Museum of Explorers" conveys information in a playful yet clearly structured way. Here, four great explorers are pre...

145 MB

easyShopfloor #2

As an interactive user application for production (store floor), this user application meets many requirements for information dissemination...

30 MB

easyDigitalNoticeBoard #9

As an interactive infoboard (digital notice board) for companies this user application contains information examples and functions for commu...

185 MB

easyPresentation #8

This user application is especially suitable for the tourism sector due to the versatile functions. Through an interactive map, hiking or cy...

55 MB

easyPresentation #7

This user application welcomes visitors to events. A signage playlist shows content about the exhibitors and the agenda for the day. In addi...

50 MB

easyDigitalNoticeBoard #21

The user application welcomes visitors and customers, reports on daily news and events. With the help of a telephone interface, visitors can...

30 MB

easyDigitalNoticeBoard #20

The user application is especially suitable for entrance and lounge areas, tourist centers and city halls. It welcomes visitors and customer...

80 MB

easyDigitalNoticeBoard #8

This interactive user application can be found in schools, colleges or universities. It serves as a platform for the distribution of current...

140 MB

easyShopfloor #1

The user application is used everywhere where team planning plays a role. In this example, you can choose between weekly or thematic plannin...

40 MB

easySignage #1

Simple digital signage application for POI/POS solutions with content maintenance via synchronized folders. Required License: For the ...

20 MB

easySignage #2

Digital Signage project in hotel style. The application uses smartPerform Signage Templates from v2020.1 as an example. The content maintena...

30 MB

easySignage #3

More complex digital signage project in real estate agent style. The application uses signage playlists, RSS/XML feeds, weather widget, time...

10 MB

easySignage #4

The application is used to display appointments for screens with room or building overview functions. In our sample application, the followi...

95 MB

easyTable #4

Dynamic and playful are the attributes for this application - a real experience for users is the "Puk" control. The main "Puk" can be moved ...

470 MB

easyTable #3

This touch table project impresses with its functionality. It contains use cases for presentations with touch or token (object recognition o...

20 MB

easyTable #2

Example application for working together at an analysis table with metaplan and collaboration functions. Required License: For the use...

240 MB

easyTable #1

Example application for innovative consulting and sales promotion with presentation and collaboration functions. Required License: For...

40 MB

smartPerform Project Switcher #1

The application starts the sample projects which are linked in the user interface for a structured presentation of the smartPerform sample a...

2 GB

easyPresentation #1

This sample application is the official smartPerform brand and product presentation. Required License: A minimum license version Advan...

65 MB

easyPresentation #2

​The application is the ideal starting point for a company, product and brand presentation via interactive screens in steles or for wall i...

210 MB

easyPresentation #3

This interactive signage application with slideshow functions serves as an ideal combination of self-determined and playlist-controlled bran...

60 MB

easyPresentation #4

This interactive signage application in portrait format with slideshow functions serves as an ideal combination of self-determined and playl...

55 MB

easyPresentation #6

For a playful approach to conveying information at the POI/POS, this user application provides animated objects (portal animation) and backg...

55 MB

easyPresentation #5

Similar to the easyPresentation #4 example, but designed to run on landscape format screens. Required License: For using all functions...

110 MB

easyPresentation #20

A so-called hypebox consists of a presentation box with a transparent LCD screen and combines the presentation of real products with digital...

17 MB

easyPresentation #30

This content remote management application combines all non-touch devices such as screens, projectors, powerwalls and LED systems, but also ...

260 MB

easyDigitalSales #2

Example in round design with presentation and collaboration functions for innovative sales. Required License: For the use of all funct...

275 MB

easyDigitalSales #1

Example in tile design with presentation and collaboration functions for innovative sales. Required License: For the use of all functi...

40 MB

easyDigitalNoticeBoard #7

An innovative example for the use in public buildings like city halls, district offices or in tourism is this version of a digital bulletin ...

40 MB

easyDigitalNoticeBoard #6

This example in tile design contains visual simulation for the integration of a phone client with dialing via a phone list. Further included...

135 MB

easyDigitalNoticeBoard #5

Here the functions for a digital bulletin board and a store floor application for use in production / logistics are combined in one interfac...

95 MB

easyDigitalNoticeBoard #4

Example in hotel design with content and functions for interactive information systems in hotels and gastronomy. Required License: For...

30 MB

easyDigitalNoticeBoard #3

Post it design example with content for interactive visitor and employee information. Included are functional examples for ad hoc meetings f...

25 MB

easyDigitalNoticeBoard #1

Example in pictogram design with content for interactive employee information and functional examples for ad hoc meetings for use as a meeti...

5 MB

easyCollaboration #3

This application makes it very easy to launch and control different video conferencing software apps. The integration of other applications ...

20 MB

easyCollaboration #2

Similar to the example easyCollaboration #1, but designed in portrait format and therefore ideal for use with upright mounted screens (Digit...

135 MB

easyDigitalNoticeBoard #2

Example of menu design with content and functions for interactive and passive (digital signage) visitor and employee information. Require...

5 MB

easyCollaboration #1

This simple interface application for all meetings includes innovative collaboration features such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), whiteboa...

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Demo Software & Example Applications

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