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Entrance and Lounge Areas

Flexible, Digital Communication Solutions for Citizens, Visitors and Employees.

  • Create Efficient Information Management
  • Increase Image and Presence
  • Improve your Service

Digital Communication in Entrance and Lounge Areas


In entrance and lounge areas, there is great potential for the use of networked screens in the wake of digitalization and the increasingly prevalent shortage of skilled workers. With a smart software application, these can do much more today than just play image and video messages. They combine functions for classic infotainment, employee interaction, visitor orientation, and even digital reception with telephone interface in a single application. You will also find the need for integrating processes for organizing access or security briefings in administrative areas as well as in public authorities.

Entrance and Lounge Areas – Our Solutions

Innovative Communication for Sustainable Presence and Efficient Processes

Via custom-configured user applications based on the standard software platform smartPerform Pro, visitors are greeted in a contemporary manner and simultaneously informed about daily events. Company and event information, orientation, traffic and weather or the current menu of the canteen are the focus of your visitors and employees alike. Technical applications for telephone communication and processes for stay or safety briefings can also be integrated.

Modern Presentation Solutions for Entrance and Lounge Areas

You can find Suitable Examples powered by smartPerform here


How smartPerform User Applications are Created


The Designer Edition is the smartPerform Pro creative tool (CMS). With it, users, agencies and system houses create and operate customized user applications with smart functions without programming knowledge.

Don’t compromise – Be there!

Entrance and Lounge Areas – Added Value

The customer journey starts in the entrance area. You ensure a pervasive presence and professional infotainment with the first step your visitors and employees take into your building. Our digital solutions for entrance and lounge areas also allow for better visitor management and avoid queues. This relieves employees in entrance and reception areas (digital reception).

With just one software platform, you can create and operate versatile applications for presentation, orientation aids, e-commerce solutions or animated advertising. Almost all media formats, live sources or streaming sources are supported and configured in content management working environment to a customized user application. Networked operation allows quick and easy updating of your content, conveniently from the workplace, and enables efficient and simple operation of your information landscape.

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Consulting & Support

Our team will advise you on deployment and opportunities, determine the budget requirements or coordinate with you the next steps on your way to your smartPerform application.

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Demo Software & Example Applications

With the free demo version of smartPerform Pro, you can try out, modify or maintain smartPerform user interfaces, but also create new interfaces. The demo version of the Collaboration App offers all the functions of the full version, limited to four media files.


Training & Webinars

In our webinars, we give a first overview of applications and backgrounds of smartPerform. Our training program provides all knowledge of how to handle, create, and maintain self-created user interfaces.



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