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For Users, Agencies & System Houses

smartPerform Designer Edition (CMS): Design and Content Management

  • Create customized user applications
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Simple content maintenance

smartPerform Designer Edition (CMS)

Drag & Drop for Design, Functions and Maintenance


Logic Editor for Presentation and Collaboration

Easy Content Maintenance

System Management and Reporting

Design and Content Management

The smartPerform Pro Designer Edition variants are standalone workstation licenses as a central creative tool (CMS) for easy creation of user applications and manual maintenance of media content.

As a pure creative tool, these versions do not include a protected presentation mode and display a watermark. Designer mode (CMS) is also included in the paid operating license types. This means that changes can also be made directly on the playout stations at any time.


Logic Editor

For advanced applications, an integrated, graphical logic editor allows the mapping of automatisms, operating and service processes. Furthermore, control functions for IT, media and room controls, the linking of sensors or actions and output media can be configured – all without programming knowledge.

For the System Management

For systems with centralized data storage and system maintenance across one or more workstations, Designer Edition Ulitmate Deploy prevents conflicts when a team is working on a project at the same time and allows easy distribution of all changes via TCP/IP network.

Design and Function for Intelligent Solutions

Customizable Design

The Content Management mode of smartPerform constitutes the modular core for the implementation of all functions. The content maintenance is done simply by drag & drop and What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get, or later in operation ad hoc via automated processes using access to synchronized directories. This way, impressive presentations can be created and maintained quickly and easily.

Value-Added Features

For advanced applications, an integrated, graphic logic editor represents automation, operation and service processes, facilitates the integration of control functions and links sensors, activities and output media – completely without programming knowledge

User control takes place via the contents of the interface application itself, via playlists or via configurable functions in sub-menus. A link mode allows guided presentations and jumps between content and subject areas.

All popular media formats, features, live sources, streams, videoconferencing clients, or applications of all kinds become part of a single graphical user interface.

Access to all media content from local storage, network and cloud storage support (O365 SharePoint, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, SharpCloud)

Presentation of live signals from connected laptops, tablets or videoconferencing systems.

BYOD functions enable collaborative working forms between a smartPerform application and smartphones / tablets or devices with web browsers.

All media formats can be edited through annotation functions or the corresponding original program, such as PowerPoint. A simple whiteboard is the ideal work surface for creative ideas.

Functions for cross-space and cross-screen collaboration in the corporate network.

Defined processes for importing, managing and distributing of your presentation and meeting documents can be configured individually.

Share your meeting results easily with different directories by using drag & drop, with smartphones or send your files by e-mail.

Executable programs and Applications become part of your graphical user interface.

All common media files such as graphics, texts, films, web pages are integrated into freely configurable layouts or created as a presentation element.

Language-dependent content such as text descriptions or movies are stored in different language roles and can be selected according to the desired user control directly at runtime of an application.

Multiple presentation, positioning and editing of different media formats with variable window sizes, zoomable content and full-screen presentation of media formats.

Standard interfaces for sensors, actuators and data expand the interaction and communication with devices and systems of AV, IT and building technology.

Standardized, customizable processes for system management, media content updates, access to AD services or cloud storage ensure security and efficient operation.

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Connect individual exhibits to interacting, holistic worlds of experience with central data maintenance, service and control.

smartPerform connects individual screens to inspiring visualization landscapes for presentation and collaboration applications.

The media shelf control features for multi-display applications allow you to control and display your media files on all screens.

Playlists and timelines organize the automated presentation and playback of your various media content in one or more screen areas.

For more advanced applications, an integrated graphical logic editor allows you to map automation, operation and service processes, integrate control functions, link sensors, actions, and output media – all without programming knowledge.

Physical objects interact via RFID with smartPerform applications. Defined marker objects are placed directly on a display, are recognized and allow amazing user experiences.

An assortment of function modules enable you to import data from Internet sources, databases or text files at the runtime of your application.

smartPerform applications are created according to the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) approach. The surface in CMS mode already indicates the later final result. All common file formats are integrated directly into the presentation interface via drag & drop.

Data maintenance for a smartPerform application takes place either via your Content Management mode or simply via linked storage locations.

Standard Functions Designer Edition


Content Management Mode (CMS)


No Presentation Mode


No Kiosk Mode


Multilingual User Interfaces


Import of popular media formats


Display / networking AV sources (wireless / cable)


Streaming Sources


Networked Collaboration


Windows Applications




Automatic Content Maintenance


Content Inspector


Statistics and Log File


Unlimited number of documents


Multi-Touch / Multi-User


Single Display


Display resolution > 4K


Rights Management


Presentation Functions


Playlist Functions


Collaboration Functions

Designer Edition

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Consulting & Support

Our team will advise you on deployment and opportunities, determine the budget requirements or coordinate with you the next steps on your way to your smartPerform application.

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Demo Software & Example Applications

With the free demo version of smartPerform Pro, you can try out, modify or maintain smartPerform user interfaces, but also create new interfaces. The demo version of the Collaboration App offers all the functions of the full version, limited to four media files.


Training & Webinars

In our webinars, we give a first overview of applications and backgrounds of smartPerform. Our training program provides all knowledge of how to handle, create, and maintain self-created user interfaces.



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