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Digital Reception

Innovative Notice Boards for Information on Offers, Services and Navigation


Are you looking for a digital, citizen-centric communication solution?

Or would you like to present your information, job advertisements and events in a space-saving and efficient way?


Do you want to update content conveniently from your desk?

Are you looking for digital alternatives?

Digital Reception – Our Solutions

With the smartPerform kiosk software for reception areas you offer versatile user functions for an innovative information transfer and smart services.
You welcome visitors and customers, report on daily news, regulations, weather or events. High availability and improved visitor control avoid queues and relieve your employees in the entrance and reception areas. Depending on your needs, different requirements can be combined in just one user application. For example, visitors can select the desired contact person by touch and contact them directly via an integrated telephone interface. Processes for residence or security briefings are also easily integrated. Interfaces for sensors such as presence, motion, eye tracking or gender enable impressive interactions with people in the room.

Customized Solutions for the Digital Reception


For New and already Existing Info Steles


Automated Information Transfer


Flexible Design and Smart Functions


Simple Content Maintenance for Efficient Operation


More Presence Thanks to Sustainable Communication

Digital Reception in Use

Present Yourself in Very Best Company

Digital Reception – Your Added Value

Intuitive User Interfaces

The Digital Reception welcomes, informs and organizes visitors around the clock, thus relieving your staff. The variable design of the user interface enables simple, multilingual and barrier-free operation.

Thanks to simple tools and processes, subsequent adjustments to layout, design and content maintenance are also implemented quickly and efficiently.​

To the screen video

Smart Functions

All common media files such as graphics, texts, films, web pages are integrated into freely configurable layouts or created as a presentation element.

User control takes place via the contents of the interface application itself, via playlists or via configurable functions in sub-menus. A link mode allows guided presentations and jumps between content and subject areas.

Language-dependent content such as text descriptions or movies are stored in different language roles and can be selected according to the desired user control directly at runtime of an application.

All popular media formats, features, live sources, streams, videoconferencing clients, or applications of all kinds become part of a single graphical user interface.

An assortment of function modules enable you to import data from Internet sources, databases or text files at the runtime of your application.

Playlists and timelines organize the automated presentation and playback of your various media content in one or more screen areas.

Connect individual exhibits to interacting, holistic worlds of experience with central data maintenance, service and control.

Data maintenance for a smartPerform application takes place either via your Content Management mode or simply via linked storage locations.

For better orientation, routes can be planned with an integrated, interactive map, event locations or attractions and sights can be displayed.

Digital Reception – Applications

Just one software platform for all your digital communications

Digital experiences that connect people, powered by the latest technologies, can be found in companies from industry, business and finance, in political, scientific or medical centers, in public areas, hotels and academies and at trade fairs – in fact, wherever your digital communication helps to increase brand presence, image and efficiency.

This solution can be found in the following areas of application:

Entrance and Lounge Areas





Companies that use our Digital Notice Board Software

Internationally successful brands, companies and organizations have been relying on smartPerform for years. With smartPerform, they are able to realize and operate interactive and digital communication within and outside of the company, fully aware of the sustainable capabilities and reliable operating performance of the system.


Take the Next Step

Consulting & Support

Our team will advise you on deployment and opportunities, determine the budget requirements or coordinate with you the next steps on your way to your smartPerform application.

Sales: +49 (0) 7127 20973-00

Support: +49 (0) 7127 20973-10


Demo Software & Example Applications

With the free demo version of smartPerform Pro, you can try out, modify or maintain smartPerform user interfaces, but also create new interfaces. The demo version of the Collaboration App offers all the functions of the full version, limited to four media files.


Training & Webinars

In our webinars, we give a first overview of applications and backgrounds of smartPerform. Our training program provides all knowledge of how to handle, create, and maintain self-created user interfaces.



Brochures, data sheets and quick start guides – you’ll find it all here.


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Beratung & Support

Unser Team berät Sie zu Einsatz und Möglichkeiten, ermittelt den Budgetbedarf oder stimmt mit Ihnen die nächsten Schritte ab auf Ihrem Weg zu Ihrer smartPerform Anwendung.

Sales: +49 (0) 7127 20973-00

Support: +49 (0) 7127 20973-10



Mit der kostenlosen Demoversion stehen alle Funktionen der Collaboration App zum ausprobieren und testen zur Verfügung. Die Anzahl der zu bearbeitenden Dokumente ist begrenzt.


Schulungen & Webinare

In unseren persönlichen Webinaren geben wir einen ersten Überblick zu Anwendungsbeispiele und Hintergründe von smartPerform. Unser Schulungsprogramm vermittelt alle Kenntnisse zur Handhabung, Erstellung und Pflege selbst erstellter Benutzeroberflächen.



Beispielprojekte, allgemeine Informationen oder Videos – das finden Sie alles hier.