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For all those who want more! Intuitive presentation and collaboration for all meetings!


The smartPerform Collaboration App for conference PCs with Windows operating system transforms every interactive touch screen into an intuitive user experience. In doing so, the app combines management and presentation functions for all media files and live sources within one interactive interface. The smartPerform Collaboration App gives meetings, conferences and seminars a whole new dynamic.

Whether it’s presentation materials, whiteboard functions, or collaborative working methods – the interactive user interface taps into all sources and bundles your creativity. Your meetings will finally be simple, creative and inspiring again!!

  • Manufacturer-independent
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Easy and intuitive
  • Upgrade to smartPerform Pro – for all those who want more

The Collaboration App is currently being sold in Generation 4 (G4) as major release. G4 includes the smartPerform releases from v2019.1. Updates as part of a major release are free of charge.


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Advantages & Benefits


New design variants

Changing images between meetings and new design variants for the user interface.

Very flexible adaptation to customer-specific CI/CD specifications or variants for OEM sales.


March 2019

Documents from the Cloud.

Cloud storage support (O365 SharePoint, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, SharpCloud)

Cloud storage is already standard in many companies. The smartPerform functions are an important building block in the handling of central documents.


March 2019

Collaboration in room and across room boundaries with networked systems.

Collaboration across rooms and screens in the company network. Auto-discovery function for easy networking.

Enhancement of smartPerform functions for cross-location work enables efficient meetings and saves travel costs.


March 2019

Integration of live sources via WLAN.

Live transmission of image signals via WLAN for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS and Android as extension for the smartPerform BYOD functions (BYOD App / BYOD Web Service).

Enhancement of the forms of cooperation with different participants and their media devices in the room.


March 2019

Extended support for video conferencing systems.

Users can enter any video conferencing solution themselves.

In view of the large number of favorite video conferencing applications, this function allows flexible selection and adaptation of the respective preferred solutions and standards.


March 2019

Detail improvements.

Whiteboard (Copy&Paste, angle function, shapes)

Desktop annotations

Improvements in support for external applications and Universal Apps.

Established customers benefit from the integrated software maintenance services of the Collaboration App.


March 2019

Calendar view and file attachments from Microsoft Exchange.

Interface to Microsoft Exchange for viewing room booking information and easily importing file attachments into your meeting.

Integration of booking information enables flexible and efficient meeting management and extends access and sharing of your work files and results.


Available from 2019.2

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Collaboration App and read the details about the new functions in our change log.

Request the Collaboration App demo software and example projects via our contact form.