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Foyer, Lobby, POI, POS, Event etc.

Commwall as POI / POS
The Commwall Plug&Play Signage fits perfectly in every representative environment. Adapted to a CI it does not only serve as info terminal but also conveys brand and advertising messages onto the POI / POS at highest level, with emotions, brilliant pictures and great sound.


  • Commwall with integrated high-performance sound system
  • Sharp passive display
  • smartPerform easySignage presentation application
  • Easiest content managemant
  • CMS function to enhance and individualize the presentation application
  • ProGrahics Performance PC with Intel® Xeon® processor
  • Windows® 10 pro 64-bit operation system
  • LED ambience illumination
  • Crestron media control
  • Individual surfaces
  • Extensive accessories

User Interfaces and Functions
The pre-installed smartPerform easySignage presentation application fulfils all functions of a Plug&Play software. Simply switch on and copy individual media files like company movies, pictures, PDF or PowerPoint files into a specific directory and off it goes. The integrated Content Management Modus of smartPerform allows to implement all wishes regarding adjustment or enhancement of the layout, design or maintenance process. The media content can be maintained either per Drag-&-Drop and What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get or during operation, adhoc via automated processes with access to media files in synchronized directories. This way impressive presentations can be created, enhanced and maintained quickly and in an uncomplicated way.

Your Advantages

  • Easy creation of custom-made surfaces
  • Flexible and adjustable at any time

Further information can be found at: https://commwall.de/en
or send an e-mail to: info@mlaudio.de