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City Hall Herrenberg

Digital Reception for Citizen-Oriented Communication

The city of Herrenberg is in the midst of a change process on the way to completely digitizing the way it works. For citizens, the Digital Pilot in the Seeländer Technical Town Hall serves as a modern, digital guide.

Neubau am Firmensitz Göppingen der Schuler AG

The Historic Old Town

Herrenberg’s old town is a protected monument. A historical tour leads past the most important buildings on which analog boards still describe interesting facts about the history.

Im Eingangsbereich lädt eine Sitzecke zum Verweilen ein. Ein beeindruckender Großbildschirm in Form einer interaktiven Multi-Touch Powerwall inszeniert dort die Marke Schuler und deren Produkte.

The Modern City Hall

The new building of the Technical Town Hall is different – here, a digital information board – a large touch screen with intuitive user guidance – awaits visitors in the reception area.

Schuler AG präsentiert auf einer Multi-Touch Powerwall Benutzeroberflächen für Show-, Informations- und Verkaufsbereiche.

Multiple Functional Possibilities

With functions for innovative information provision, high availability and improved visitor control, the commune sees itself as a role model for the digitization of public buildings.

Am digitalen schwarzen Brett können für verschiedene Bereiche wie etwa Produktion und Verwaltung einheitliche Inhalte, z.B. der Speiseplan, Aushänge der Bereiche oder News aber auch spezifische Inhalte für Shopfloor-Runden zur Verfügung gestellt werden.

Integrated Telephone Interface

Various services are available on the information panel. For example, visitors can also directly contact the desired contact person of the city administration via touch selection and integrated telephone interface.

Im Gebäude informieren Infostelen Besucher und Mitarbeiter über aktuelle Themen.

An Intuitive Design

In addition, all information on the range of products and services offered by the communal facility is provided. The various media formats can be accessed quickly via the simple, clear user interface.

Die Digitalen Schwarzen Bretter beispielsweise ziehen einen Teil ihre Inhalte automatisch aus dem Sharepoint-basierten Intranet oder aus Netzlaufwerken.

Accessible User Guidance

Barrier-free user guidance has also been thought of. The touch zones can be activated at different levels, allowing easy access to the city job listings, the events calendar, the participatory city portal, and the city navigation map with information on local hot spots.

Die Digitalen Schwarzen Bretter beispielsweise ziehen einen Teil ihre Inhalte automatisch aus dem Sharepoint-basierten Intranet oder aus Netzlaufwerken.

Small, Important Piece of the Mosaic

“Like many communes, the city of Herrenberg is in the process of change on the way to completely the digitalization of its way of working. The Digital Reception serves as a modern digital signpost for citizens, and is a small but important mosaic stone in this process.”

Elisabeth Lay, Municipal Project Manager


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