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Make Your Brand an Experience. Create Collaboration.

With the new version for smartPerform Pro we have again implemented many new functions for the easy realization of your requirements for intuitive user interfaces for presentation, meeting and collaboration. Furthermore, you will find new sample applications with exemplary functions and functional design for demos or as templates for your individual projects.




Advantages & Benefits 


Visual Effects

New effects (fly in, fade in) for opening/closing a node and for switching to full screen display.

More flexible content presentation with new design options for a more varied user experience.

Visual Effects

New transition effects (Split, Fade, Shift, Blur, Wipe, Fence, Brick, Random) for container content, Digital Signage, Text Feed and Screen Saver

More flexible content display with new transition effects and configuration options. Special requirements for the transition from one image to the next image can now be specifically taken into account.

Visual Effects

New effect for interaction with a node (“Node Touch Feedback”).

Users get immediate feedback when interacting with a node.

Visual Effects

New Ken Burns effect (Pan & Zoom) for the animation of images. Can be used for thumbnails, container background, image nodes, signage, portal background, screen saver and RSS feed images.

Animation of images provides a dynamic and varied user experience in a simple way. Current forms of presentation as known e.g. from websites can be easily implemented.

Visual Effects

Infinite coverflow (2D, 3D, other transitions) is supported

In containers, the content can now be navigated in a loop infinitely without reaching a beginning or an end. Easier navigation and display of content.

PDF Editing

Annotations within a PDF document are stored directly in the PDF (as an extra “Annotation Layer”).

Annotating and working with large PDF documents, such as those used in teaching, is greatly simplified.


Unification of the interaction for all node types regarding the manipulation of the node or its content (zooming).

Faster learning of a user interface through uniform operation. Improved user experience especially for desktop applications where multiple content is displayed simultaneously.


Support of 3rd party presenter tools.

Presenters can easily control the MediaShelf using common presenter tools. This results in an impressive overall experience for the audience.

Text Feed

Support of new feed sources (Atom, iCal for booking display, text file)

More flexibility in the presentation of live content

Take advantage of our update webinars to find out more about our new features.
Find out more about smartPerform Pro and read the details about the new functions in our changelog.