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Make Your Brand an Experience. Create Collaboration.

With the new version for smartPerform Pro we have again implemented many new functions for the easy realization of your requirements for intuitive user interfaces for presentation, meeting and collaboration. Furthermore, you will find new sample applications with exemplary functions and functional design for demos or as templates for your individual projects.





Advantages & Benefits 

Shopping Cart – Collect and Distribute Relevant Content

New icon and name for the shopping cart

Improvements in the handling of download URLs.

Icon and designation are intuitively usable by matching with standards.

When sharing content, a stored download URL can be added to the shopping cart instead of the original document. The file size of the original file is no longer taken into account in the addition for determining the defined limit for file attachments in the email inbox. This is of particular importance if the email size is limited or bandwidths are low.

Data Maintenance – Distribution of Project Changes via Cloud Storage (Deploy)

Projects can now also be distributed via cloud storage.

Complete smartPerform application projects (layout, design, functions, content, process settings…) can now be updated via cloud services using the native “Deploy” feature.

Networked Screens – Screen Change for Application Interface

In presentation mode, the screen can now be switched for the application interface.

When using different screen setups, e.g. in sales operations with changing secondary screens, the positioning of the entire application interface can be changed during ongoing presentation operations for flexible room and usage scenarios.

Networked Screens – Media Shelf Window Assignment

The assignment of a media shelf window on a physical display can now also be changed in presentation mode.

In applications with different screen setups, e.g. in sales operations with changing secondary screens, the positioning of the media shelf can be changed during ongoing presentation operations for flexible room and usage scenarios.

Networked Screens – Mapping and Remote Control of Media Shelf Windows to Passive Screens

The media shelf function now also supports the combination of active (touch) with passive displays.

Using the Media Shelf, the presenter can outsource content to passive screens and operate them remotely from the main screen.
This allows fascinating presentation scenarios to be realized at very low cost.

Preparation of Presentations and Minutes in Sales, Consulting and Project Management

Presentation container for easy creation of different presentations from the contents of the smartPerform application interface.

Protocol container to easily create a protocol of the presentation in PDF format.

Presenters can assemble documents (PPT, PDF, images, movies, web pages…) into presentations, save them and load and present them at a later time. Increases efficiency and quality of presentation preparation.

Documents (PPT, PDF, images, movies, web pages…) can be easily stored and distributed to a log in PDF format via menu button. The whole document or only defined pages can be selected. Increases efficiency and quality in the follow-up of presentation meetings.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Advanced moderation functions

Laser pointer function for temporary marking of your content

Expands the ability to remotely control your screen presentations via the smartPerform BYOD mobile app for iOS, Android devices or web browsers in collaborative work situations.

Important areas on the screen are highlighted for better understanding.

Continuous Development – Telemetry

Optional collection of anonymized usage data from smartPerform functions.

The usage data of smartPerform functions (type, frequency…) are optionally recorded anonymously and are exclusively available to Immersion7 GmbH. In this way, you contribute to the ongoing improvement of our products. The recorded usage data can be viewed and checked.

Extension of Individualization

Via the so-called skin extensions, individual layout and design adaptations of the smartPerform operating environment are possible, which were excluded so far

This feature takes the customization of a smartPerform user application to the next level. Design adjustments for previously system-relevant areas such as nodes, containers or the exchange of system icons and much more can be implemented quickly and easily.

Take advantage of our update webinars to find out more about our new features.
Find out more about smartPerform Pro and read the details about the new functions in our changelog.