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For all those who want more!
Intuitive presentation and collaboration for all meetings!

The smartPerform Collaboration App for conference PCs with Windows operating system transforms every interactive touch screen into an intuitive user experience. In doing so, the app combines management and presentation functions for all media files and live sources within one interactive interface. The smartPerform Collaboration App gives meetings, conferences and seminars a whole new dynamic. Whether it’s presentation materials, whiteboard functions, or collaborative working methods – the interactive user interface taps into all sources and bundles your creativity. Your meetings will finally be simple, creative and inspiring again!!

  • Manufacturer-independent
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Easy and intuitive
  • Upgrade to smartPerform Pro – for all those who want more

The Collaboration App is currently being sold in Generation 3 (G3) as major release. G3 includes the smartPerform releases 2.8 and 2.9. Updates as part of a major release are free of charge.


Advantages & Benefits
Meeting management
The entire status (documents, annotations, …) of a meeting can now be stored and loaded at a later time again. Protecting the status of a meeting from unauthorized access is also possible.
More efficient meeting management.
Activation and deactivation process via external media control
RS-232 interface for communication with media controls.
Simple automatic activation and deactivation of conference room technology.
Central administration of your documents
Central container for accessing the documents of a session. Designation of unsaved documents and annotations.
Intuitive user guidance, central document management.
CI/CD adjustments, usability
The look of the start button can now be changed and stored for the portal or in the main menu.
More flexibility and recognition for the customization of customer-specific interfaces.
Quick navigation bar manages all open documents and applications.
Quick and simple navigation to access your documents and applications.
Video conferencing
In addition to the existing VC solutions (Skype, Skype for Business, …), StarLeaf and Microsoft Teams are now available as well.
Use of preferred or established VC solution.
External applications
In addition to desktop applications, Java applications and universal apps can be started and managed through the app.
Comprehensive integration of all applications.
Annotations are now possible across the entire portal landscape, including external applications.
Annotations beyond the already integrated whiteboard.
Find out more about the smartPerform Collaboration App and read the details about the new functions in our Changelog.