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digitaler Empfang Herrenberg

The challenge of traditional information terminals

While printed brochures and static information panels have long been considered the standard, there are increasing limitations and problems with these traditional visitor information methods.

Printed brochures and static boards only provide information that has already been defined at the time of creation. They cannot provide real-time updates, which can quickly lead to outdated information. Constant updating, in turn, is usually time-consuming and cost-intensive. New information, changes in opening hours or events cannot be communicated immediately, which can lead to frustration and confusion among visitors. Added to this is the limited space available for displaying information and the high personnel costs that can arise for individual questions.

Overall, conventional, non-digital visitor information methods are often inflexible, inadequate and not adapted to the needs of modern tourists. They can lead to frustration and reduce the efficiency of tourism organizations.

The solution: Digital information-terminals with smartPerform

Traditional sources of information are reaching their limits, and this is where smartPerform comes into play as a pioneering software solution. This innovative platform enables tourism organizations to present visitor information in a dynamic and interactive way that goes far beyond the possibilities of traditional methods.

All common media files such as graphics, texts, films, web pages are integrated into freely configurable layouts or created as a presentation element.

User control takes place via the contents of the interface application itself, via playlists or via configurable functions in sub-menus. A link mode allows guided presentations and jumps between content and subject areas.

Language-dependent content such as text descriptions or movies are stored in different language roles and can be selected according to the desired user control directly at runtime of an application.

All popular media formats, features, live sources, streams, videoconferencing clients, or applications of all kinds become part of a single graphical user interface.

An assortment of function modules enable you to import data from Internet sources, databases or text files at the runtime of your application.

Playlists and timelines organize the automated presentation and playback of your various media content in one or more screen areas.

Connect individual exhibits to interacting, holistic worlds of experience with central data maintenance, service and control.

Data maintenance for a smartPerform application takes place either via your Content Management mode or simply via linked storage locations.

For better orientation, routes can be planned with an integrated, interactive map, event locations or attractions and sights can be displayed.

smartPerform in use

City of Pegnitz

An interactive stele is being used in Pegnitz to inform and inspire citizens and tourists alike. The stele offers daily updated information from weather forecasts to leisure activities as well as an interactive map for orientation. The smartPerform interface makes it easy to update and maintain content. The interactive stele is complemented by passive outdoor steles at the entrances to the town, which provide information about current events and invite visitors to get involved in the town’s happenings.

City of Herrenberg

The town of Herrenberg has implemented a digital reception in its technical town hall, which offers visitors an interactive information platform. This allows visitors to independently find out about local attractions and discover them via an interactive map. In addition, an integrated telephone interface enables visitors to get in touch with their contact persons directly. This innovative solution not only improves the user experience for visitors, but also contributes to the efficiency and modernization of the city of Herrenberg’s administrative processes.

Tourist-Info Pelzerhaken

The Pelzerhaken Tourist Information Office uses digital information terminals and an interactive touch table to provide guests and visitors with information in a modern design. Whether weather, regional attractions, event information or cycling and hiking routes – all information is bundled in a clear, digital interface.

Advantages of digital information terminals

  • Improved visitor experience: Interactive functions allow visitors to find relevant information independently and intuitively.
  • More efficient information management: Digital interfaces make it possible to manage information centrally and update it quickly. This saves time and resources in the management of printed materials and enables flexible adaptation to changing needs.
  • Increased visitor satisfaction: The provision of relevant and easily accessible information and the ability to communicate directly with contact persons increases visitor satisfaction. They feel better informed, supported and valued.

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