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smartPerform Learntec 2024

Learntec 2024 was a complete success for us! Together with our partners Avocor and Hagor, we had exciting discussions and had a great time at the trade fair. Find out how we prepared for the trade fair and what we took away from the experience.


How we prepared for Learntec

Thorough preparation is crucial for a successful trade fair appearance. Here are the key points we took into account for our trade fair appearance:

1. Regular coordination with partners

Cooperation with our partners was essential for the trade fair preparations. Regular meetings ensured that everyone was on the same page and that common goals were achieved effectively.


2. A project manager who keeps an eye on everything

A central contact person was important for managing the trade fair participation. Our project manager took responsibility, coordinated tasks and ensured timely and high-quality results.


3. Choice of stand builder: stand builder vs stand from the trade fair

The decision for the design of the exhibition stand was crucial. Based on previous experience, we opted for our own stand builder, who offered a more cost-effective and flexible solution and enabled a customized stand design that perfectly reflected our brands.


4. stand design: inviting and functional

Our stand at Learntec 2024 offered an open environment that seamlessly showcased all partner solutions.

  • Open entrance area: Visitors could move freely and explore our solutions without barriers.
  • Interactive displays: Touchscreens and interactive exhibits allowed visitors to explore our products independently.
  • Upright stele for an overview: At the entrance, a stele provided a quick overview of our solutions.


5. Advertising: efficient and targeted

A targeted advertising strategy was crucial in drawing attention to our trade fair participation.

  • Advance advertising: Website, social media and newsletters announced our participation at an early stage and attracted new interested parties through press releases.
  • Cooperation with partners: Joint advertising campaigns with partners utilized synergies and increased reach, for example through coordinated newsletters and social media posts.

Lessons Learned

Collaboration with partners and personal exchange at the trade fair

Our experience at Learntec 2024 taught us valuable lessons about working with partners and face-to-face interaction at trade fairs.

1. Effective cooperation with partners

  • Clear communication: Regular coordination and clear communication were crucial. An open exchange about goals and task distribution helped to increase efficiency.
  • Setting common goals: Defining common goals enabled us to exploit synergies and realize a strong trade fair presence.
  • Flexibility and willingness to compromise: We learned to respond to the needs of our partners and make compromises to ensure a successful collaboration.


2. Personal exchange at the trade fair

  • Building relationships: Personal contact was crucial to deepening relationships with customers and prospects.
  • Leverage networking: We recognized the importance of networking events to expand our network and make valuable contacts.
  • Gathering feedback: Direct interaction allowed us to gather direct feedback and use it to further develop our products.


Our participation at Learntec 2024 was a complete success and a valuable learning experience for future events. Through effective collaboration with partners and clear communication, we were able to present an impressive stand and achieve our goals. The face-to-face interaction at the show allowed us to make valuable connections and gather direct feedback, which will help us further develop our products. Overall, we learned that careful preparation and active participation at trade fairs are crucial to maximize our success.

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