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Make your Brand an Experience. Create Collaboration.
Make your Brand an ExperienWe develop and realize the creative tool smartPerform Pro for our customers and partners in order to create user interfaces for passive and interactive application environments. These applications help you to stage your brand, product or special topic and create space for a creative and networked approach to work. Combine innovative forms of presentation, collaboration and management in one single, uniquely intuitive user interface.e. Create Collaboration.
simple – creative – inspiring


Advantages & Benefits
Design changes
Adjustments of the design of nodes, containers, menus, toolbox, dialogues, shopping cart and buttons. Expansion of the icons offered for menus.
Leaner design for more focus on your contents.
Touch control
Inertia when pulling and releasing nodes.
Performance optimization when opening and moving nodes.
Improved user experience.
Pressure recognition for pens, straight line drawing and more flexibility when erasing.
Enables intuitive working.
User interfaces for digital signage, digital bulletin boards, information and presentation exhibits
Expansion of playlist and timeline functions, layout creation for digital signage playout areas.
Expansion of widget use.
smartPerform Pro offers interactive applications and has added a function for automatic playout of contents, significantly expanding its area of application.
Widgets can now also be controlled in digital signage playout areas.
Interaction with media control and devices
Control via IP as well as connection per RS-232 available.
Devices and systems could previously be controlled via IP (network). By adding the RS-232, we are expanding the interface portfolio to control devices with RS-232 interface.
Use of Office documents
Documents from Office applications can now be displayed without installing Office.
Saving licensing costs.
Standardized, quicker display of these formats as image or PDF. Editing in the original program is possible as long as the applicable Office software has been installed.
External applications
Support of universal apps
Expansion of the software packages for integration.
Google authentication
From within smartPerform, a Google account can be used to log in.
Companies can use their established authentication for Google.
Screen Sharing
Integration of VNC functions
Integration of live image from other devices via VNC into smartPerform.
Take advantage of our update webinars to find out more about our new features.
Find out more about smartPerform Pro and read the details about the new functions in our change log.