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For those who want more!

Intuitive presentation and collaboration for all meetings!

The smartPerform Collaboration App for conference PCs with Windows operating system transforms any interactive touch screen into an intuitive user experience. The app combines management and presentation functions for all media files and live sources in one interactive interface.

With the smartPerform Collaboration App, meetings, conferences or seminars receive unprecedented dynamics. Whether presentation material, whiteboard functions or collaborative forms of work – the interactive user interface opens up all sources and bundles your creativity. Your meetings will be simple, creative and inspiring again!

  • Manufacturer-independent
  • Flexible and configurable
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Upgrade to smartPerform Pro – for everyone who wants more


Advantages & Benefits
Support of video conferencing systems
Support for GoTo-Meeting.
Flexible selection of the required video conferencing solution.
Roll-out and operation
Configuration extension to support software distribution solutions.
The extended, central configuration of all systems and flexible distribution via standard software distribution solutions ensures even more efficient operation.
Comment functions in annotation mode
Comment function for all content edited in annotation mode. Comments are provided separately when saving and printing.
Important tool in the context of group work and brainstorming.
Use of whiteboard functions
Configuration extension for setting the individually usable functions. Extensions for the distribution of results via email.
Optimization of the whiteboard to the respective needs of the users.
Preparation of a meeting
Definition of which functions (My Documents, Whiteboard…) open automatically when starting.
Increased efficiency in the organization of meetings.
Individual design of the user interface
Select function for displaying the label in the menu.
Flexible adaptation to customer-specific CI/CD specifications or variants for OEM sales.
Edit of user guidance
Select function for displaying the functions in the Main Menu.
Individual adaptation of the user interface to the desired application scenario.
Rights management of BYOD
Detail improvement in the settings of individual user permissions for BYOD participants in presentation mode.
Flexible adaptation of the application to the customer’s IT and data protection requirements.
Document import and export
New file explorer optimized for Touch with configuration options for restricting the permitted storage locations.
Simplified user guidance when importing and exporting documents.
Arrangement and organization of content
Up to four open nodes can be arranged automatically via the Main Menu.
Simplified operation of the user interface already at the start of a meeting.
Operation in conjunction with media controls
For each interaction with the Main Menu, information can be sent via RS232 (IP from V2019.3) to a media controller. Conversely, commands are received to terminate the meeting and switch off the system.
Simple integration into a media and room control system or for controlling different inputs of a video matrix.
Help functions
Various extensions for help functions for the user e.g. when connecting to external devices (BYOD)
Improved user guidance.
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