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The Education App: Your lessons will be easy, creative and exciting!

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Access to libraries and all media
  • Teaching management & administration

Learning together - sharing results

Anywhere, a study group

Tried and tested processes for efficient results

Collaboration Software for Creative Learning

Teaching and learning without limits

The Education App provides access to all learning content from network, cloud and learning libraries. The Software is available for Laptop and Room PC or as ProCore Complete System. You work with interactive whiteboard and annotation functions, use established video conferencing solutions and connect everything with live content from document cameras, student tablets or teacher and distance learning PCs. Connecting several rooms to one classroom is no problem at all. No matter where your lessons take place and participants are located – teachers and students, lecturers and students merge into an innovative learning group. Integrated lesson management ensures the storage and distribution of your teaching content and learning results.


Intuitive use of digital learning methods


Connects participants and technical standards


Manufacturer independent of hardware


For teacher or room PC


The same user interface in every room


For existing and new screen systems


Flexible, adaptable, future-proof


Airserver for wireless transmission of screen content


Simple and professional – learning in the room and across room boundaries.

One or more screens, ideally one with touch function, and a Windows PC are the platform for your smartPerform Education App as an intuitive work environment for learning, teaching and managing your lessons.

Challenge Distance Learning?

Through the integration of favourite video conferencing solutions, your lessons become available everywhere. Selected contents of the Education App presentation interface, as well as the camera image and audio signals of teachers and participants are transmitted via the videoconference and thus enable your students to participate in real lessons.

No matter where – a learning group!

Lack of teachers, attendance times, study groups, distance regulations, distance learning – there are many reasons why organizers need variable forms of teaching. No matter where your lessons take place and participants are located – teachers and pupils, lecturers and students merge into an innovative learning group. The app can also be used to connect several rooms into one lesson – simply, quickly and efficiently.

Learning together, sharing content.

By networking the Education App with your students’ smartphones and tablets, you can create collaborative workflows between participants and their various device platforms with amazing ease.

Integrated learning platforms

Interfaces to lecture-capture systems, for recording and distribution of lessons via internet platforms, or the connection of building and media control systems enable seamless integration even into more complex learning platforms.

Intuitive User Interfaces, Smart Functions

One interface for teaching, learning and managing your lessons

Transform any screen into an intuitive user experience. The app combines management and presentation functions for all media files and live sources in one interactive interface. Work and creative features and sophisticated usage concepts reduce technical barriers, increase teaching efficiency and minimize training costs for users and operators. Your teachers and pupils, lecturers and students are ideally trained for the changes in working and collaboration forms (digital transformation).

Intuitive User Guidance
The clearly arranged main menu provides access to all presentation and work functions at a single touch. The quick navigation bar creates a structured overview and access to the presentation history, open applications or favorites.

Media Files
Presentation and execution of all common media formats.

Universal Data Access
Access to all media content from local storage, network and cloud storage support (O365 SharePoint, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, SharpCloud)

Live Sources & Video Conferencing
Display of live signals from connected laptops, tablets, document cameras or video conferencing systems.

BYOD Mobile App / Web-Browser
BYOD functions enable collaborative Working forms between the App and smartphones / tablets or devices with web browsers.

Annotation & Whiteboard
All media formats can be edited through annotation functions or the corresponding original program, such as PowerPoint. A simple whiteboard is the ideal work surface for creative ideas.

Connected Collaboration
Functions for cross-room and cross-screen collaboration via various apps in the education network. With Auto-Discovery for easy networking of your rooms and locations.

Lessons Management
Defined processes for start and end of a lesson ensure safe operation and avoid data loss. Users can access the entire save lesson history and create a again at a later time.

Share your teaching results easily via Drag & Drop on the different directories, mobile devices or send the files by e-mail.

Programs and applications can be integrated into the menu bar.

Variable Interface Design

Several basic layouts are available for individual adaptation of layout, background, logo, icon style and icon colors. All styles have one thing in common – start the meeting with the Start Meeting button!

Multi-Language User Interface
For the user interface the app offers the choice between two languages. The languages can be selected in the configuration menu. Further language versions can be added by the operator.

Mulitple presentation, positioning and editing of different media formats with variable window sizes, zoomable content and full-screen presentation of the media formats are no problem for the app.

An RS232/IP interface allows interaction with media controls for external on/off processes or calling up presets for simple lecture capture systems.

IT Process
Different IT processes require a flexible approach when it comes to accessing data – the app enables network login via Active Directory, operation with standard users, Exchange, email servers or fixed working directories.

Simple Configuration
The options of the configuration menu include design adjustment, language selection, IT function settings and more.

Do you need support, but nobody is around right now? Use the Help button to access the help menu anytime.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Connectivity

Smooth Integration of Mobile Devices

BYOD refers to the transfer of screen content or data from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones into the networks of companies and educational institutions. In conjunction with BYOD, smartPerform enables amazingly simple collaborative work forms between users and their different device platforms.

BYOD Mobile App / Web-Browser


  • Connects iOS and Android devices to the Collaboration App via smartPerform Mobile App
  • Connects PCs to the Collaboration App via web browser service
  • Enables collaborative work with numerous presentation and moderation features

To BYOD Connectivity



  • Wireless transmission of the device image display of mobile end devices
  • Integration with the Collaboration App
  • Win-Touch-Back Function

Video In


  • Transmission from one or more live sources such as PCs or document cameras
  • Wired or wireless transmission standards
  • Integration with the Collaboration App

The focus of your teaching

Intuitive – Flexible – Expandable

As the core of the application, the app combines all media files, live sources and functions for presentation, teaching and collaboration in one intuitive user interface. The configuration menu allows for customization of design and functions, selection of language variants, setting of IT functions and much more.

System Landscape

One or more screens, ideally one with touch function, and a Windows PC are the platform for your smartPerform Education App. Optional components of the application include speakers, microphone and a camera for video conferencing, as required. The individual components or ready-made product bundles with the Education App are available from specialist retailers.

More about the system landscape

Pro Upgrade

For individual requests beyond the performance of the current App version, an upgrade to smartPerform Pro extends the functional range of the Education App many times over. Open design or functions/processes for brainstorming, analysis, mind mapping, networked screens, extended connection to media and room control or back-end systems are configured with smartPerform Pro according to customer specifications. We would be happy to advise you!

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Design and content management with the smartPerform "Designer Edition Advanced".

Start with a sample application suitable for your solution or area of application. The complete application with neutral media content can be individually adapted and expanded and serves as a presentation and template. Request demo version View sample applications

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Our personal training courses provide know-how on the creation and handling of smartPerform user interfaces and their functions.

Webinars provide initial insights into the basics and applications of our smartPerform products.

With the online trainer, you can reach your learning goal quickly - regardless of time, location and device. The learning platform contains all the tools you need for efficient self-study.

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