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Meeting and Collaboration

More than Video Conferencing - real Collaboration.

  • Intuitive User Guidance, Modern Work Forms
  • Manufacturer-Independent - also for Existing Systems
  • Connects Participants across Borders

Today, the requirements for simple, digital communication are multifaceted:


Modern interactive forms of work, meeting participants in the room, in the home office and on the road, flexible usage scenarios, technology mix in the company, economic starting points and measures for result and quality assurance.


Each point is an important criterion in itself when choosing your digital communication platform.

Are you looking for digital alternatives?

Meeting and Collaboration – Our Solutions

The need for interactive presentations and the methods for creative, cross-location teamwork often result in complex technologies whose operation can present users with challenges.

That’s why we do much more than classic video conferencing systems – standardized (The Collaboration App) or customized applications (smartPerform Pro) add unprecedented simplicity and dynamism to your meetings, conferences or training sessions.

Meeting and collaboration functions give you access to all media content from the network or the cloud. Work with interactive whiteboard and annotation features, leverage your established video conferencing solution, and combine it all with content from your participants’ presentation devices to create an innovative workspace. The integrated meeting management takes care of the storage and distribution of your work results.


Data Access to Local Storage, Cloud and SharePoint


Integrates Programs, Dash Boards, Video Conferencing


Tools for Creative Collaboration and Efficient

Present Yourself in Very Best Company

Meeting and Collaboration – Your Added Value

Intuitive User Interfaces

Inspire all users. Reap the benefits of efficient collaboration among your employees and project teams for your business. Configure your digital workspace with us based on your meeting and collaboration requirements.
Customized user interfaces powered by smartPerform act as a versatile platform for all current and future communication tasks. You do not have to align your entire company with the products of one provider. You combine favored or existing partial solutions with the superordinate “meeting operating system” of smartPerform and start immediately into your self-determined, digital present.
To the Screen Video

Smart Functions

All common media files such as graphics, texts, films, web pages are integrated into freely configurable layouts or created as a presentation element.

User control takes place via the contents of the interface application itself, via playlists or via configurable functions in sub-menus. A link mode allows guided presentations and jumps between content and subject areas.

Language-dependent content such as text descriptions or movies are stored in different language roles and can be selected according to the desired user control directly at runtime of an application.

All popular media formats, features, live sources, streams, videoconferencing clients, or applications of all kinds become part of a single graphical user interface.

Presentation of live signals from connected laptops, tablets or videoconferencing systems.

All media formats can be edited through annotation functions or the corresponding original program, such as PowerPoint. A simple whiteboard is the ideal work surface for creative ideas.

Defined processes for importing, managing and distributing of your presentation and meeting documents can be configured individually.

Executable programs and applications become part of your graphical user interface.

Functions for cross-space and cross-screen collaboration in the corporate network.

Meeting and Collaboration – Applications

Just one software platform for all your digital communications

Digital experiences that connect people, driven by the latest technologies, can be found in companies from industry, business and finance, in political, scientific or medical centres, in public areas, hotels, academies and trade fairs – wherever your digital communication contributes to increasing brand presence, image and efficiency.

This solution can be found in the following areas of application:

Trade Show and Event

Meeting Areas


Educational Areas

Companies that use our Meeting and Collaboration Software

Internationally successful brands, companies and organizations have been relying on smartPerform for years. With smartPerform, they are able to realize and operate interactive and digital communication within and outside of the company, fully aware of the sustainable capabilities and reliable operating performance of the system.


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Beratung von smartPerform für Sie


Our team will advise you on the use and possibilities, determine your budget requirements or coordinate the next steps with you on your way to your smartPerform application.

This is how you can reach us:
Sales: +49 (0) 7127 20973-00

Testversion von smartPerform Software

Demo Version

Design and content management with the smartPerform "Designer Edition Advanced".

Start with a sample application suitable for your solution or area of application. The complete application with neutral media content can be individually adapted and expanded and serves as a presentation and template. Request demo version View sample applications

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Our personal training courses provide know-how on the creation and handling of smartPerform user interfaces and their functions.

Webinars provide initial insights into the basics and applications of our smartPerform products.

With the online trainer, you can reach your learning goal quickly - regardless of time, location and device. The learning platform contains all the tools you need for efficient self-study.

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Logo files, product and application flyers, quick start guides and our digital manual - you can find them all here.