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Educational Areas

Presentation and Collaboration for Academy Institutions.

  • Inspire Learners and Teachers
  • No Worries Despite Technology Mix
  • Create Sustainability

Digital Communication for Educational Areas


With a focus on modern forms of instruction for teaching and learning, academies and schools are using the possibilities of digitization, as a tool for creative, productive knowledge transfer. Sustainability with regard to current and future usage scenarios, access to learning platforms, technology mix in the facilities, flexible use of space, frequent change of instructors and inadequate infrastructures pose major challenges for operators of educational institutions.

In addition, insufficient training measures or the different user experience in the various rooms sideline teachers, lecturers and speakers.


Educational Areas – Our Solutions

A Software Platform for Digital Education

Digitization in schools and academies is a core topic of this time!
User applications powered by smartPerform in combination with modern media technology helps all lecturers to present learning content, to practice role plays or to methodically elaborate a topic.

However, the advantages of a modern educational institution do not only consist in the use of current technologies or an interactive blackboard – rather, the use of digital communication and collaborative, hybrid forms of work determines the everyday working life in a globalized society today as well as tomorrow. For everyday teaching, this means implementing modern hybrid ways of working, using recording systems and video conferencing systems and online learning platforms for distance learning or digital group work via any of the participants’ communication devices (Bring Your Own Device) – all in an intuitive, standardized user application from all areas at the site.

Modern Presentation Solutions for Educational Areas

You can find Suitable Examples powered by smartPerform here


How smartPerform User Applications are Created

The Designer Edition is the smartPerform Pro creative tool (CMS). With it, users, agencies and system houses create and operate customized user applications with smart functions without programming knowledge.

Don’t compromise – Be there!

Educational Areas – Added Value

Intuitive user interfaces for knowledge transfer in academies and schools powered by smartPerform combine all modern work and creative functions for education and training on a uniform, intuitive platform. In the process, participants and instructors are ideally trained for the changes in forms of work and collaboration (digital transformation).

A simple, adapted application environment and the sophisticated usage concept reduce technology hurdles and increase the efficiency of your processes. Current and future adaptations in infrastructure and device equipment are easily accommodated by smartPerform applications – thanks to configurable interface design and functions.

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Consulting & Support

Our team will advise you on deployment and opportunities, determine the budget requirements or coordinate with you the next steps on your way to your smartPerform application.

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Demo Software & Example Applications

With the free demo version of smartPerform Pro, you can try out, modify or maintain smartPerform user interfaces, but also create new interfaces. The demo version of the Collaboration App offers all the functions of the full version, limited to four media files.


Training & Webinars

In our webinars, we give a first overview of applications and backgrounds of smartPerform. Our training program provides all knowledge of how to handle, create, and maintain self-created user interfaces.



Brochures, data sheets and quick start guides – you’ll find it all here.