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Digital World of Experience at RHÖN-KLINIKUM Campus Bad Neustadt

RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG is one of the largest and most innovative healthcare providers in Germany. The Group stands for integrated care that is completely patient-oriented. The question of how digitalization affects medical care was the initiator of an innovative showroom project.

Neubau am Firmensitz Göppingen der Schuler AG

Digital World of Experience

How can digitization in medicine be presented visually to guests in a simple way? How to make the information landscape easy and intuitive to use for everyone without instruction? How to achieve a networking of system and qualified personnel – quickly and across locations? The Franken Lehrmittel Medientechnik Krug & Langer GmbH realized the implementation of the requirements in a sustainable media-technical visualization and operating concept based on the software platform smartPerform Pro.

Im Eingangsbereich lädt eine Sitzecke zum Verweilen ein. Ein beeindruckender Großbildschirm in Form einer interaktiven Multi-Touch Powerwall inszeniert dort die Marke Schuler und deren Produkte.

Orientation and Experience

The entire service portfolio can be presented in the representative premises. For example, touch displays with intuitive user interfaces enable visitors and guests to understand the various care structures and health actors at the site – through which the patient is cared for from the arrival in the ambulance – through the treatment in the hospital – the rehab – to full recovery and return to the home environment.

Im Eingangsbereich lädt eine Sitzecke zum Verweilen ein. Ein beeindruckender Großbildschirm in Form einer interaktiven Multi-Touch Powerwall inszeniert dort die Marke Schuler und deren Produkte.

Presentation of Digital Medicine

Here, a simple and clear explanation is given of how digitization in medicine is being applied in everyday clinical practice. Different application areas are explained and presented via a smartPerform interface. For example, it is simply shown how a patient is treated in an ambulance and the data is transferred to the treating team even before arrival at the hospital. The patient continues to be cared for in the hospital. If necessary, an external specialist can be involved in consultation via video conference. The digital world of experience also offers the opportunity to hold specialist lectures and presentations. The smartPerform user interface also allows documents to be integrated and presented spontaneously.

Schuler AG präsentiert auf einer Multi-Touch Powerwall Benutzeroberflächen für Show-, Informations- und Verkaufsbereiche.

Experience Digital Medicine for Yourself

The “Digital World of Experience” on the Bad Neustadt campus shows selected digital applications from everyday clinical life and gives visitors intuitive access to networking and digitization in medicine in a playful way. Patients, relatives and employees can actively and critically engage with digital tools. Experience at the Bad Neustadt campus shows that this is the right WeExperience digital medicine for yourselfg.

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