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City of Pegnitz

Pegnitz shines digitally: Interactive stele delights citizens and tourists

Welcome to the future! The picturesque town of Pegnitz is setting new standards in citizen information and participation with an innovative, digital and interactive stele.

Neubau am Firmensitz Göppingen der Schuler AG

Stele as a central contact point

In the picturesque town of Pegnitz, an interactive outdoor stele – centrally located in the pedestrian zone – is used to inform and inspire locals and tourists alike. The stele serves as a central point of contact for up-to-date information. From weather forecasts and the latest news to leisure activities – here you can find everything you need to stay informed about what’s happening in and around Pegnitz.

Im Eingangsbereich lädt eine Sitzecke zum Verweilen ein. Ein beeindruckender Großbildschirm in Form einer interaktiven Multi-Touch Powerwall inszeniert dort die Marke Schuler und deren Produkte.

Making orientation easier

In addition to up-to-date information, the stele in Pegnitz also offers an interactive map around the clock, making it easier for visitors to find their way around the city and encouraging them to make new discoveries. With just a few taps, interested parties can be guided to sights, restaurants, events or accommodation.

Schuler AG präsentiert auf einer Multi-Touch Powerwall Benutzeroberflächen für Show-, Informations- und Verkaufsbereiche.

Updating and maintenance - child's play

Among other things, the smartPerform interface uses existing web links, which minimizes effort and makes it easier to keep the content up to date. This includes an energy monitor that shows the current electricity production from renewable energies. All content on the interface can be easily exchanged and managed via a folder structure in your own network.

Schuler AG präsentiert auf einer Multi-Touch Powerwall Benutzeroberflächen für Show-, Informations- und Verkaufsbereiche.

Welcome greeting at the town entrances

The passive outdoor steles at the entrances to the town complement the information on offer by informing visitors about current events. They provide an overview of the cultural and social life in Pegnitz and welcome visitors to take part in the town’s events. Thanks to the smartPerform surfaces and flm Media’s support in planning and implementation, the attractiveness of Pegnitz can be further enhanced and the town presented as a lively place.

Schuler AG präsentiert auf einer Multi-Touch Powerwall Benutzeroberflächen für Show-, Informations- und Verkaufsbereiche.

“The interactive information stele in front of our town hall blends harmoniously into the cityscape and offers our visitors an important orientation aid to help them find their way around more easily. The stele is directly linked to our homepage, so the information is updated online and can be accessed immediately by users. I see every day that the stele is well received and that many people appreciate the service, especially outside our opening hours. We use the steles at the entrances to the town in particular to advertise events or services in the town center. Here we like to work with bright colors and little text in the design so that the content can be quickly grasped even when driving past.”

Wolfgang Nierhoff, Mayor of the town of Pegnitz

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