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Always up to date and innovative in sales
MEBEDO is a medium-sized company operating throughout Germany with headquarters in Mülheim-Kärlich, Koblenz and Montabaur. With software, hardware, consulting, training and technical information MEBEDO supports companies in organizing their electrical and medical engineering areas safely and efficiently at the same time.
Neubau am Firmensitz Göppingen der Schuler AG
MEBEDO represents the claim to present its customers and partners always the current offer in an innovative and uniform way. As in most companies, MEBEDO consultants and sales staff are located at different locations or operate from their home office. So how do you always stay up to date? How to have the latest presentations, price lists and product information available?
Im Eingangsbereich lädt eine Sitzecke zum Verweilen ein. Ein beeindruckender Großbildschirm in Form einer interaktiven Multi-Touch Powerwall inszeniert dort die Marke Schuler und deren Produkte.
With the project “Digital in Sales”, the entire MEBEDO service portfolio was to be displayed in an innovative presentation interface and presented to the customer via sales laptops on site. The existing media formats such as PDF, PowerPoint, videos, images or websites were to be integrated into an intuitive application and maintained via simple, central processes and updated when connected to the company network. The presentation style should be developed away from eternally long PowerPoint presentations towards a flexible, non-linear style – ideal prerequisites for an implementation with smartPerform Pro!
Schuler AG präsentiert auf einer Multi-Touch Powerwall Benutzeroberflächen für Show-, Informations- und Verkaufsbereiche.
After workshop to specify the needs, the graphic guidelines and the structure (in one portal and several sub-pages) were quickly implemented with the smartPerform Pro configuration platform. Contents on topics such as MEBEDO, the products, training programs, tutorials, operational safety and much more were mapped in an innovative interface. Content maintenance is carried out centrally in the simplest way via synchronized folders
Am digitalen schwarzen Brett können für verschiedene Bereiche wie etwa Produktion und Verwaltung einheitliche Inhalte, z.B. der Speiseplan, Aushänge der Bereiche oder News aber auch spezifische Inhalte für Shopfloor-Runden zur Verfügung gestellt werden.
Of course, MEBEDO employees can also present local or self-created content via this interface. Even the installed applications on your computer are started directly via the smartPerform interface. Whiteboard and annotation functions are available in the consultation process.
Im Gebäude informieren Infostelen Besucher und Mitarbeiter über aktuelle Themen.
Meeting results are collected on demand and stored and distributed via USB stick, email or network. Even questions in the course of a conversation are no longer a problem – the user interface makes it very easy to jump from one topic to another within the presentation. The MEBEDO project and sales team thus has a professional meeting and presentation application with always up-to-date content for sustainable marketing and efficient sales work.

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