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Make Your Brand an Experience. Create Collaboration.
With the new version for smartPerform Pro we have again implemented many new functions for the easy realization of your requirements for intuitive user interfaces for presentation, meeting and collaboration. Furthermore, you will find new sample applications with exemplary functions and functional design for demos or as templates for your individual projects.


Advantages & Benefits
Usage Statistics


Completely revised collection of usage data in smartPerform projects. The statistics data can be provided either as a CSV file or as live data.

When generating a call log, a cover sheet is automatically integrated if available. This can now also be exchanged by the user himself in a simple manner. This gives the user the option of using topic-specific cover sheets.

Content Display


List view in page-by-page style.
Further, intuitive style to display extensive information in a list view. Navigating through larger data sets by simply scrolling page by page is often more convenient than using a scroll bar.
Pages in a PDF document can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise.
Especially in technical documents, tables and graphics are included in addition to the continuous text. This content can now be easily rotated within the viewer. The rotated view can also be saved permanently.
Protocol Function
Cover sheet can be replaced by the user.
User can add comments that will be printed above the table of contents.
Sending the protocol by email.
When generating a call log, a cover sheet is automatically integrated if available. This can now also be exchanged by the user himself in a simple manner. This gives the user the option of using topic-specific cover sheets.
User has the possibility to add additional information, which is printed above the table of contents. The protocol thus becomes a personal result of the conversation.
Users can send the protocol directly by email at the end of an appointment. This option saves further work steps for saving and forwarding the results.
Web Browser
Provision of a download functionality.
Microsoft Edge based support for MP4 videos.
MP4 videos can now be played with the Microsoft Edge browser.
MP4 videos can now be played within the Microsoft Edge browser component.

Digital Signage

Open alternative media when interacting with a playlist content.



Option to display playlist content filling a playout region.

Alternative media files can now be assigned to content of a digital signage playlist. Clicking on an image in the playout area of the playlist opens this file. E.g. clicking on the image of a machine opens the multi-page PDF with the technical description.

For file type: Image, RTF, Web, Video and PPT: Margins can be avoided when displaying files with different aspect ratio. Cropping images to the exact matching aspect ratio is no longer necessary.

Windows 11

Customization of the on-screen keyboard for Windows 11.

Optimal support of the new Windows 11 operating system.


Additional standard backgrounds for the whiteboard.

Faster creation of sketches by using the new default backgrounds.


Attached containers can now also be annotated, i.e. the navigation bar can be displayed.

More flexible collaboratioMore flexible collaboration options also for attached containers.n options also for attached containers.

Snap Target

Support for mathematical operators in the numeric input fields of a snap target.

Faster creation and exact positioning of a snap target.


Support for style templates for buttons and toggle buttons. All style sheets that can be used for nodes are now also available for buttons.

UI elements can be more easily customized to match the style of the overall project.

Software Maintenance for Networked Systems
When using a deploy server, the smartPerform.exe can now be automatically deployed and installed along with the application project.
Reduction of maintenance efforts and an assurance that program version is consistent with the respective project version.
For the license type low, the maximum supported resolution has been adjusted.
Wider application of the license type.
The lifetimes of individual PowerPoint slides are adopted for digital signage applications.
Simplifies managing the system.
Container Synchronization
When using a cloud storage as source for a container synchronization, the authentication information can now be stored.
Simplifies operation of cloud storage related to dynamic delivery of new content.

Project Creation

In CMS mode, it is now possible to define that the portal and its objects cannot be moved in this mode either.
Dynamic guides for precise and easy placement of nodes on the portal or within containers.
Function to decouple title and node when scaling.

Easier and faster creation of projects.



Easier and faster creation of projects.


Improved user guidance.    
Protocol Container
Each time a node is added to the protocol container, a small confirmation message appears briefly.
Improved user guidance.
Revision of breadcrumbs in the navigation bar of nodes.
The Quick Navigation Bar can now optionally be displayed in full screen mode above the open node.
The breadcrumbs can now be used more flexibly in projects thanks to the revision.
Simplified access to the Quick Navigation Bar in all focus types. This makes it easier for casual users to access the Quick Navigation Bar.
Take advantage of our update webinars to find out more about our new features. Find out more about smartPerform Pro and read the details about the new functions in our changelog.