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For those who want more!

Intuitive presentation and collaboration for all meetings!

The smartPerform Collaboration App for conference PCs with Windows operating system transforms any interactive touch screen into an intuitive user experience. The app combines management and presentation functions for all media files, live sources and your favorite video conferencing software in one interactive application.

The smartPerform Collaboration App gives meetings, conferences or seminars undreamt-of dynamics. Whether presentation material, whiteboard functions, video conferencing or collaborative work forms – the interactive user interface opens up all sources and bundles your creativity. Your meetings become simple, creative and inspiring again!

  • Manufacturer-independent
  • Flexible and configurable
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Upgrade to smartPerform Pro – for everyone who wants more


Advantages & Benefits

Wireless Transmission of Screen Content (BYOD)

The Airserver application was relocated in the Main Menu from external applications to video sources.

More intuitive operation in connection with the wireless transmission of screen content.


In the Main Menu and in the Floating Tool Window there is now the option to call the new Snipping Tool.

Easier integration of screen shots and snips into the whiteboard and thus faster creation of graphics, notes etc.


In the appointment booking overview in the start button you can configure whether the subject of a meeting should be displayed or not.

Improved support for the various data protection policies in the company.

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Collaboration App and read the details about the new functions in our changelog.