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The Platform for Your Digital Communication

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Digital communication and the creation of experiences have established themselves in our working and living environments. Digital screens provide people with information, network people and their work or impart knowledge about the latest products and technologies – today they contribute significantly to increasing presence, image and efficiency.

Depending on the field of application, the persons in charge from the departments place different demands on hardware, its contents and functions. Today you will often find isolated solutions in these areas that have grown over the years, with different hardware generations and inhomogeneous operating processes, e.g. for the simple maintenance of content.

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Solution for Digital Communication

With smartPerform Pro you can network all communication devices such as sales tablets, wall displays, kiosk terminals, information pedestals, multi-touch tables or large screen systems to create a holistic, up-to-date world of experience and work. Whether passive or interactive displays – previous investments can also be combined with smartPerform to create a versatile, holistic communication concept.

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smartPerform Pro

At the heart of the solution is the smartPerform Pro product family for creating and operating individual, graphical user interfaces and smart functions. In addition to standard functions such as content management, presentation, meeting and collaboration functions, automatic content maintenance, interfaces or multilingualism, the platform includes many other functions, including system management across all networked devices and content.

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These solutions are used everywhere in company buildings, hotels but also at trade fairs and events – wherever sales-promoting presentations of virtual products and services, innovative brand communication or efficient communication with visitors, customers and employees play an important role.

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Example Showroom

In showrooms or exhibition areas, digital exhibits such as multi-touch tables or large screen walls can be networked to create inspiring worlds of experience. Real products are staged digitally – for example, the appropriate animations, films or historical data can be displayed by placing a real object on the screen.

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Example Sales

All specifications such as details on colours or sizes of the products are digitally available in the distribution and sales room. In the field, smartPerform applications offer a uniform, innovative presentation style for consultants and sales staff. Presentation content can be centrally maintained and efficiently distributed via network to branch offices or home office locations. Meeting and collaboration tools networked the sales force with specialists at the location.

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Training and Academy

Intuitive user interfaces for knowledge transfer in academies and schools unite all modern work and creative functions for training and further education on a uniform, intuitive platform. In addition to simple operation, participants and instructors are optimally trained for the changes in work and cooperation forms (digital transformation).

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Meeting und Collaboration

Not only because of the CO2 Footprint are innovative forms of presentation and the introduction of methods for creative, cross-location work in the team the focus of decision-makers. Intuitive user interfaces support presenters and participants alike – they reduce to the essentials, reduce technical hurdles and thus increase the efficiency of teamwork. At the same time, smartPerform offers more than classic video conferencing systems. The applications offer presentation and whiteboard functions, integration of video conferencing, external software and files, access to networks or cloud services as well as the display of live sources.


With smartPerform Pro you can achieve all these goals with just one single software platform for your company – you support sales processes in innovative form and consistent quality, create atmosphere in welcome, show and concept rooms or increase the efficiency of your employees in meetings, at trade fairs or in the field. smartPerform relies on your IT world, ensures smooth operation and enables the simplest possible maintenance and administration.

The essential points when considering refinancing factors are the increase in employee efficiency, savings in acquisition, set-up and travel costs as well as the relief of your IT and marketing resources in the operating process.

The flexibility of the smartPerform digital platform is particularly interesting for the multiple requirements of companies with diverse content. Depending on the area of application, the software can be adapted in design and functions accordingly. Interesting for both small and large budgets – standardized or customized.

Join now and benefit from an innovative, digital presentation of your brand and your services!

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Our team will advise you on deployment and opportunities, determine the budget requirements or coordinate with you the next steps on your way to your smartPerform application.

Demo Software

With the free demo version of smartPerform Pro, you can try out, modify or maintain smartPerform user interfaces, but also create new interfaces. The demo version of the Collaboration App offers all the functions of the full version, limited to four media files.

Training & Webinars

In our webinars, we give a first overview of applications and backgrounds of smartPerform. Our training program provides all knowledge of how to handle, create, and maintain self-created user interfaces.

YouTube Channel

Experience smartPerform in action. In our playlists, you will find smartPerform Pro applications, videos about the collaboration app as well as interface examples and tutorials.