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Ritter Sport

New Media at the Museum

Waldenbuch is located on the northern edge of the Schönbuch nature park, about 25 kilometres from Stuttgart. In Waldenbuch, the circle is successfully squared, because this is where the square is at home. Or at least one of the most famous German brands, whose trademark is the square: RITTER SPORT.

Neubau am Firmensitz Göppingen der Schuler AG

World of Chocolate Experience

In the Ritter Sport chocolate exhibition, young and old can go on an interactive journey of discovery with all their senses. Exciting information takes you to exotic countries, for example to the cocoa farmers in Nicaragua or to the hazelnut growing regions on the Turkish Black Sea coast. A 270° projection even takes the amazed visitors right into the heart of chocolate production. Anyone who gets a taste for chocolate in the process can have a model factory deliver their own small bar.

Im Eingangsbereich lädt eine Sitzecke zum Verweilen ein. Ein beeindruckender Großbildschirm in Form einer interaktiven Multi-Touch Powerwall inszeniert dort die Marke Schuler und deren Produkte.

Bringing Cocoa Cultivation to Life

Making sustainable cocoa cultivation on Ritter Sport’s OWN cocoa plantation El Cacao an interactive experience was the motivation for a project to digitalise all media content on this topic. The design should be “Quality. Chocolate. Squared” – an interactive multi-touch table from the Berlin-based manufacturer MMT was chosen as the device platform for the joint discovery trip.

Am digitalen schwarzen Brett können für verschiedene Bereiche wie etwa Produktion und Verwaltung einheitliche Inhalte, z.B. der Speiseplan, Aushänge der Bereiche oder News aber auch spezifische Inhalte für Shopfloor-Runden zur Verfügung gestellt werden.

Realisation of the Solution

Multi-Touch Tables, depending on the structure and design of the user interface, allow several people to discover different topics at the same time and share the content with others. Extensive requirements of Ritter Sport, k56 architects and the agency panatom from Berlin were implemented with smartPerform Pro, the powerful standard software for the configuration of graphical user interfaces and functions. mevis.tv from Stuttgart was responsible for the smooth installation of the media technology on site.

Schuler AG präsentiert auf einer Multi-Touch Powerwall Benutzeroberflächen für Show-, Informations- und Verkaufsbereiche.

A Sweet Visitor Experience

Where does the cocoa come from? Where and under what conditions is it grown? What does sustainable cultivation and fair trade mean? With the digital presentation powered by smartPerform, visitors, from toddlers to grandparents, learn interesting facts about the popular Snack Square and the successful brand behind it. Those who still want to enjoy more chocolate can also stock up on sufficient travel provisions in the SchokoShop afterwards.

© Photographer: Victor S. Brigola
© Concept & Realisation: k56-architekten & panatom

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